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Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Dear friends,

It’s hard to review a book that you love. Because you always want to do the book justice. Because you want your review to pass your personal standard. Because you want people to understand how much you love the book but you don’t want to gush too much. It’s hard to write a review for the book that you love, because you want to do it ‘right’. It’s kind of crazy that it took me several days just to write this review.

If you need a summary, here it is: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a story about a freshman named Charlie, and this guy Charlie is extremely naïve to the point of almost unbelievable. Later, he befriends two seniors who expose him to things in real world.

This book is very quotable that I swear, I reblog different quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower every week in my Tumblr blog. Just Google ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower quote’ and you can see dozens of typographies popping up. I think it's the way Charlie describes things around him. I love Charlie’s voice. Sometimes it’s very child-like, but other times it feels more mature than most people in his age. It’s honest, real, and relatable. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

I found little things that Charlie did to his friends are endearing. The way he gives gifts to everyone and doesn’t wish for anything in return. The way he makes mixtape for Patrick and picks winter as the theme. The way he wants to buy books for people he loves not because he wants to educate them, but because he wants them to read the book and fall in love with the story too. Charlie is, in a quirky and extraordinary way, adorable. As I've already said, sometimes Charlie can be child-like, but he is not childish. He grows up, and he learns about things. Charlie makes mistakes, and I can’t say that I agree with everything he does, but he is still one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower because it makes me see things from different perspective. And because I love Charlie, and all the other characters in this book. Because they feel real. As if I can touch, have conversations with them when I read the book.

This book might not be for everyone, and there are scenes like drinking, smoking pot, or sexual scenes that I don’t want to expose to youngsters. But if you’re ever in the mood of something short, beautiful, and special, something that will make you think… please pick this book.

And all the books you've read have been read by other people. And all the songs you've loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that's pretty to you is pretty to other people. And you know that if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing "unity."

It's like when you are excited about a girl and you see a couple holding hands, and you feel so happy for them. And other times you see the same couple, and they make you so mad. And all you want is to always feel happy for them because you know that if you do, then it means that you're happy, too.

Love always,

I rate this book: 
 Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.


  1. I'm the same Hilda. I always find it very hard to write a review when I love a book, and I'm glad to see you loved this one. It does sound like an interesting story. Lovely review dear :)

  2. I'm the same. I find myself gushing too much when I try to review a book I loved, lol! Great review. :)

  3. I love this book as well, Hilda. I definitely agree that it's really quotable and those books we loved are harder to review. Fantastic review. :)

  4. I haven't read this, nor have I felt much of an urge to watch the movie. I feel like I should definitely consider it now after your review. I'm so glad you liked it, Hilda. :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, the books you love the most are even harder to review than the books you absolutely hated. You want to do it justice and you hope that you can find the words to tell how much you love it. You want ever body to go like: I want to read and love that book! I never got the urge to read this book. I'm not sure why, but I tend to go for other books. After seeing your review and the quotes, I think I must consider to try it anyway. Thanks :)

  6. This is such a beautiful review Hilda, like Sam I didn't really pay much attention to this book either, but your review totally makes me want to pick it up straight away! :)

  7. Hilda, this is my favorite review of yours yet, my dear! It's beautiful and I feel your love for this book already. I definitely want to pick it up soon, especially since the movie is releasing and I want to watch it, so I'll be sure to get my hands on a copy of this ASAP! Fantastic review, Hilda! :D

  8. Awww you loved it! And if you do, I will close to loving it just the same! I need to pick this up. It was so sad cause when I wanted to, the movie started coming out and now I HAVE to read it before but...SO MUCH PRESSURE!!! Wonderful review, Hilda! <333

  9. Ohh I REALLY have wanted to read this but somehow it never happens. This has renewed my inspiration to do so, thank you! I'm glad I stumbled on your blog... I'm following now :)

  10. this is my all-time favorite book. I love to read it over, and i love picking out all the quotes that I love. you're right, it's quite a quotable book. It's very difficult to put such thoughts into words but Charlie (stephen chbosky) does it and I love it. I love this book, and the movie was amazing. I can't wait to see it again. It just felt so real and raw, and was such an amazing movie-going experience that made me love the book even more. It really is hard to review a book you love so much. I don't think I'll ever be able to review the book, but I do plan to review the movie sometime this week.

    If you're interested, I have an interview with stephen chbosky that you can find if you scroll down my in the right hand side of the blog.


    1. I haven't watched the movie yet, Lauren, but I heard amazing things about it! If you decide to review the movie, I so can't wait to read it! I hope that Emma can grasp Sam's character well! ♥ :)

      Thank you for telling me about the interview, hun! I'm going to check the interview now! ♥

  11. Aaaw, great review, Hilda!! I SO know what you mean. Sometimes when I really, really love a book it's hard because I want to make sure I'm doing the book justice, ya know?? OMGOMG Logan Lermaaaaannn gosh I love him!!! I can't wait to read this book and I'm SO excited to see the movie as well! Logan Lerman AND Emma Watson in one movie? That just may be too much for me to bear ;) Lovely review!!!!

  12. This is SUCH a lovely review, Hilda. I read this a couple of months ago and I totally remember thinking pretty much the exact same things as you! It's insane how well Chbosky is able to capture the mind of a teenager. I totally loved Charlie as well, he's so naive but MATURE at the same time! Have you seen the movie yet? If not, you SO need to... it's pretty much as good as the book. Again, beautiful review, Hilda! <3

  13. Great review!
    I also find making review for a book i love the most is very difficult. I haven't read it but already planned for.. like... so long idk why I haven't read it until now. Haha.. Thanks for the review, Hilda.

  14. Why hasn't this one been on my radar? It's got such a great name to begin with but the story sounds like it's amazing. Sometimes I can't get into the POV of a male protagonist but those quotes really make me interested.

  15. I was completely and unreasonably AFRAID of reading this book, but I think you've made your point, my dear. I know exactly what you mean about the difficulties of reviewing books that are close to your heart, but you've done an amazing job and I'll definitely read it this month.

  16. Wonderful review, Hilda. I seriously loved this book too and I understand how hard it is to write a review with something that totally blew your mind away. Charlie's story had discussed a lot of issues, I think, most teenagers would totally relate with. It was very well handled and conveyed. :)

  17. Incredible review! I had a hart time writing my review for this book, but you did a great job! It definitely did the book justice especially since you wrote in letter form. The background on my laptop is actually a Perks quote. :D

    and have you seen the movie yet? (:

  18. Reading this review only makes me want to reread it again :') I love charlie too and i wish stephen chobsky will write another book as beautiful as it is.

  19. I saw the Perks of Being a Wallflower movie a few days ago and it was so heartwarming and wonderful and OHMYGOD Emma Watson, I love her. ♥ It's almost an obsession, ha. ;)

    Also, such a fabulous review, Hilda! I'm so pleased this book hit you in the FEELS, and you expressed your feelings so beautifully, darling. Your review is nothing but a clear indication that I should get my arse over to the library and borrow a copy. :p

  20. They've made this into a movie now. I've never read it but it sounds lovely. Naive characters are always such fun to read about. I love this cover too! Wonderful review Hilda. :)

  21. *tackles you in a hug* Such. a beautiful. review, Hildaa. Loved the way you talked about the things that endeared to you <3 I loved getting to know Charlie too. I loved and hated how naive he was. I loved how he gave everyone books. And that quote at the end of your review... so beautiful. I think it's time for a re-read of TPOBAW for me. <33

  22. Awwwwww I loved this review, Hilda! So wonderfully written and I love how it's in letter format like the story <33
    I haven't read the book or watched the movie yet but hopefully I will soon because I always love a book that's super quotable and gives you lots of FEELS!


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