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Guest Post: Top Ten Favorite Wedding Dresses by Melissa Buell

I love wedding dress! I think every girl dreams of her wedding dress at some points of their lives. And of course, a prince charming in tow! ;) I'm very excited to inform you that today, I have author Melissa Buell sharing about her favorite wedding dresses all time! Let's start the oooh and aaaaah! ;)

Top Ten Favorite Wedding Dresses

Hi Hilda, thanks for having me! I adore wedding dresses, weddings, true love… all that romantic stuff. Here are my top ten favorite wedding dresses.

Dress #1 - Princess Grace
I love the simply elegance of Grace Kelly’s dress. And the fact that she was a regular girl (an American, even!) who married a prince and became a princess is the very stuff of fairy tales! The tiara…that’s just awesome.

Dress #2 - Belle inspired

This is one of the “Disney Fairy Tale” inspired dresses. If I had been able to get married at Disneyland, I might have show up in this dress. (I’d have to ask my sister for permission, though. Belle is “her” princess.)

Dress #3 - Princess Diaries 2 Coronation Dress
I *love* the Princess Diaries movies! I love Mia’s coronation much more than I do her (almost) wedding dress. So regal and lovely. And her hair is so beautiful!

Dress #4 - Pride and Prejudice dress
It’s no secret that I love Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love the 6 hour long movie version but the 2 hour Keira Knightley (above) is also good. If I had planned a regency wedding, I’d probably wear a dress like this one.

Dress #5 - Renaissance Wedding Dress
Totally Sherwood Forest, running away to marry Robin Hood, right?!


Dress #6 - Sleeping Beauty’s Gown

If I could swap out the pink for the white, I would have had a custom dress made for my wedding. Kidding! (But kinda not…) Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess. I would TOTALLY have shown up for my Disney fairy tale wedding at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland wearing this. But in white. Or at least blue.

Dress #7 - Fairy Tale Gown
If I were able to step into a fairy tale and get married to Prince Charming, this would be my dress of choice. Only if little mice and birds were able to help me make it. 

Dress #8 - Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown
This reminds me of Princess Grace’s gown with the lace and the modest neckline. She is so lovely and sweet in this gown!

Dress #9 - Taylor Swift’s Love Story Gown
Taylor Swift is my favorite singer and I adore her music videos. The gown in the “Love Story” video is gorgeous!! It would make a beautiful wedding gown.

Dress #10 - My Wedding Gown
This is my wedding gown! I still love the way my dress looks, even after 11 years. It is somewhat reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty’s gown with the off the shoulder neckline and dropped waist.

I love wedding dresses and looking at that makes me want to write another wedding scene!

Thank you for the lovely guest post, Melissa! I don't think I can pick favorite this time. The dresses are gorgeous! x)

Melissa Buell has always had a vivid imagination and would fall asleep to scenes she would make up. That then turned into writing those scenes out which turned into...a novel. And then another one. And she somehow became a published author of books for teens and kids.

She graduated cum laude from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in English, emphasis on Secondary Education. She is a substitute teacher at the jr. high and high school level. (They aren't that scary, really!)

She is also a voracious reader (several books a week) who loves many genres. Favorite pastimes include spending time with her husband and kids, taking photographs, baking, blogging and volunteering.

Things that make her smile include descending into her Writer Cave, white daisies, Milano cookies, the scent of lemons, costume parties, children's laughter, fine tip pens, strawberries, honesty, book speaking with friends, singing loudly in the car to Disney musicals and/or Taylor Swift songs.

Not all fairy blessings are enchanting . . .

Unlike most royal eighteen-year-old girls, Samantha finds it difficult to be a prim and proper princess. When she discovers her seven fairy blessings that were bestowed at her birth are a lie, her entire world is turned upside down. Although she can forgive the feuding fairies who made this large error on her behalf, she must find a way to control her real blessings--which may be more trouble than its worth.

Things start to become complicated when her best friend's brother becomes seriously injured just weeks before the annual knight competition. Samantha realizes the only way to help him and his family is to enter the competition by disguising her true identity. Balancing her mandatory princess lessons while hiding her secret blessings on top of this becomes difficult, but things begin to get challenging when Prince Nolan, a childhood friend, reenters her life. Samantha, bitter about their constant bickering relationship, suddenly begins to see Nolan in a new, and often confusing, light.

But when she finds out her seventh blessing has yet to be decoded from the ancient tongue, Samantha's most dangerous quest of all is discovering the true power her real blessings hold. Now, the fate of herself, her future, and her kingdom lie in her hands.

Thank you for reading this post! Have a fabulous Sunday, you all! ♥ :)


  1. Oh this is such an adorable post Melissa! I love your wedding dress, it seems to have a nice mix of what I like to see in a wedding dress. I think I've fallen in love with the Belle inspired dress! Thanks for sharing this post with us Melissa and Hilda! :)

  2. I love this post! I think my favorites have to be Taylor Swift's, Kate Middleton's, Dress #2 and 3, and, of course, I love your wedding dress too! It's a perfect blend of all the best qualities from the other dresses you showcased. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Melissa's wedding dress is beautiful! I am not a big on wearing dresses in general, but I absolutely love fantasising about the perfect wedding dress. I have done it too many times it's embarrassing. ;)

    Thanks for the brilliant post!

  4. Lovely post, Hilda! I always dream and fantasize about what would be my wedding dress when the time comes. Haha! I always love the grecian type but the wedding dress of Kate Middleton is really lovely too. Hers reminds me too of Princess Kelly's dress.

  5. Thanks for having me, Hilda! SO much fun! <3

    1. Thank you for letting me joining the awesomeness, Melissa! Your guest post ROCKS! <3 :)

  6. Ohhh, wedding dresses! My wedding dress was gorgeous! I only rented it, but I wish I'd bought it, that's how beautiful it was.
    Anywho, I likr the fairy tale one best, and the Taylor Swift Love Story one. They are both absolutely gorgeous.

  7. 7, the fairytale wedding gown <3 And your wedding dress was pretty :) I already have in mind what I want and it's going to be fairytale-ish for sure!


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