Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Muse: Seven Things in December

Happy December! Can't believe that it's December already. :) Time flies so fast! Today I bring you the newest edition of Monday Muse! I got the idea to post seven things I love from this gorgeous blog, Eat This Poem. So here are seven things that are whirling in my mind in December:

1. Rain. It's raining every day here. I don't have to do laundry. More time to read books and snuggle in my bed with a cup of tea. Rain is basically the most legit reason for me to being lazy.

2.  Ed Sheeran's songs. I basically finished Beastly by Alex Flinn while listening repeatedly to songs in Plus album. Ed's tunes are addictive.

3. Drooling over John Green's box set. I'm in love with John Green's characterization ever since I've read The Fault in Our Stars. You can check out the blog post of the designer of the box set's illustration here.

4. The newest site for bookworm, Riffle. I received my invitation to Riffle few days ago and I don't think that I would use that site much. How about you? Anyone on Riffle yet?

5. Contemplating to get Kindle Fire HD. Do you think you read faster when you have an e-reader? What kind of e-reader would you recommend to me? I'm afraid that I might would use the device for Wi-Fi instead of reading. I'm such an easily distracted reader. >.<

6. Just finished reading The Disenchantments by Nina Lacour. Loving the story and the characters! It's very refreshing to read from the POV of male protagonist. :)

7. My final exams this semester will start in two/three weeks from now, so I might will disappear again in the last week of December. I'm so sorry! I feel like a bad blogger. *shakes out the dust* I'm very sorry, I hope I can catch up with the reviews, comments, and everything else in January. I'm going to miss you guys terribly. *sheds tears*

And that's the end of Monday Muse this week! I hope you had wonderful December kick off, and even it wasn't wonderful, don't forget that you still have the whole month to make this month awesome. :) 

Tell me anything you want in comments! Oh, and some e-reader advices would be very helpful too! Thanks in advance, and as always, thank you for reading my musing! ♥


  1. aww awesome stuff!! Not a huge fan of John Green, lol. and wow, rifle seems very interesting!! Will have to check it outt! Also, good luck on your exams.. and as for me, i actually read my ebooks on my ipad2. True that sometimes i might read my books faster because its might lighter to hold, and i can even read in the dark :) Happy december!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  2. Oh I'm loving this week's Monday muse Hilda! I love the month of December just for being able to snuggle up into bed as soon as I get back from work, it gets so dark here quick too, so sometimes I don't even feel like getting out of bed! I didn't even know about Riffle I think I may have to check it out. Also The Disenchantments I'm dying to read that so hard! I'll be looking out for your review! Good luck with your exams hun! :)

  3. Ohh, I fell in love with the John GReen box set! I want it so badly! I know what I'll ask from my sister for Christmas, lol.

    I received an invitation for Riffle too, but haven't had a chance to look into it yet. I will, though, strictly out of curiosity. As far as I'm concerned, GoodReads is more than enough.

  4. I'm in love with Give me Love by Ed Sheeran! I'm always listening to it on repeat!
    And I'm still to read any of John Green's books but am hoping to read them some time next year.
    I have the Kindle Fire HD and absolutely love it! I can access Goodreads and Twitter and stuff like that so I find it very handy. It's also great for reading! :)

  5. I love the rain too! :) It's also raining over here and most of the time I'm simply snuggled up in bed with a book! :)
    The John Green box set is so pretty! <3 I love it! And can you believe I still haven't read anything by this author yet?
    As for the e-reader, I think you should go for it. I read a lot faster with the Nook I bought 2 months ago. Plus, it's very light so it's easy to carry around. The only downside of the Nook is, I can't read in the dark so I had to get a book light.

    And hey, you're not being bad blogger at all! School is more important! :)
    Good luck for you exams, hon! You'll do great! <3

  6. You're so busy Hilda, don't apologize! December is such a hectic month for most of us! I want a new kindle too but I think it would just contribute very negatively to my book buying obsession!

  7. I love this post! I'm currently addicted to Ed Sheeran's album Plus too! He is such a talented singer/songwriter!
    Haven't heard of Riffle before, but I'm going to check it out after this. My finals are coming up in two weeks as well, so you won't be the only one disappearing from the blogosphere. Study hard and best of luck!! I know you'll ace 'em!! =D

  8. An e-reader is an absolute must for me now. I used to be incredibly anti-ebook a few years ago (I couldn't imagine anything better than a real book in my hands!) but it is so practical and perfect for e-galleys, that I take it everywhere with me now. I say yes to a new kindle! :)

    I wondered what Riffle was! I received emails about it but thought they were spam so never had a proper look. I will have to check it out. ;)

  9. Oh I forgot to say - good luck with your exams! :)

  10. Wonderful post, Hilda! :) I have exams by the end of January, so I have a little more time left, but I wish you the best of luck! I've heard great things about The Disenchantements, so I can't wait to see your final thoughts on it, and a Kindle is amazing! I love mine, although I don't have a Kindle Fire since I didn't want a tablet, but they're great! Have a terrific December, dear! :)

  11. It's so lovely to read on a rainy day! I don't think I would ever splurge on an e-reader for myself but they do seem pretty nifty. Good luck on your exams!

  12. I love rain, maybe because I was born on this season and mostly celebrated my birthdays with raining outside, hehe. The perfect cause to skip work and snuggle inside the blanket, yum~

    Aaaaah! I also want John Green boxset! Still haven't read any of his book yet but the design looks really fun ;D I do think to own e-reader one day, seems more practical, handy and yes, cheaper xD.
    Good luck with your exams Hilda! ;)

  13. Aww, lovely December, I <3 this month! ^^ New Years, waiting for the ball drop but watching it from the TV, Christmas with LOTS of food. XD Mmm and i love the rain! I could just get soaked and scolded by my mom, cause I love the rain. XD And, I don't know, but when it rains, everyone just becomes nicer. It's weird. :/ ^^

    If you disappear, I bet it's for a VERY good reason. ^^ I hope you do wonderful on your exams those are always a pain the butt. XD


  14. I haven't heard of Riffle before, I'm going to take a look! :) Everything that has to do with books is interesting. We also have a lot of rain over here, I hate it :( Good luck with school Hilda and Happy December :D!


  15. I adore this blog meme idea, Hilda! Aww, but you're going to disappear again within the next few weeks? :( But you only just arrived... Good luck on your exams, though. :) I'm sure you'll do well, darling! And also *virtual high five* Ed Sheeran's songs are the best! I'm glad I don't feel alone with my love for rain, too. :) Isn't it really great when the sky opens up and the cool drips of water are pouring down your back? I know some people despise rain, but I love it!

  16. Ah, that John Green set, wow!

    Riffle, never heard of it, just requested my invite, will see. But I love Goodreads.

    Ereader..go for Kindle Keyboard, loving it. And no, it's not very easy to use wi-fi on Kindle (unlike a phone), so I don't use it often. So you don't need to worry about that.

    Aww, big hugs, all the best for your exams. Get rid of them soon, will miss you.


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