Monday, December 06, 2010

Review bookie: Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2)

Well, I’m really happy that the book comes better than what I expected. The story flows smoothly, and as always, Becca Fitzpatrick surprises her readers in the end. Truth is, the real murderer never even crossed my mind.

Nora’s life seems as perfect as she can get. She is officially in relationship with Patch now. Her mother allows their relationship, more or less. Patch is her guardian angel. What else she could ask?

But deep down, Nora knows that there’s something Patch hides. There is always something. More questions came to her mind. Who killed Nora’s father? Who is the Black Hand? Why Patch keeps bothering with Marcie, Nora’s biggest enemy? Does Patch really know the truth about Nora’s father?

Everything is getting more and more tiring. Until one night, Nora can’t take it anymore.

“I want out,” I said quietly. I knew I wasn’t being fair—I was protecting myself. What other option did I have? I couldn’t give Patch a chance to talk me out of it. I had to do what was best for both of us.

Patch is the master of lie and seduction. Did he really pretend that he is in love with Nora? Now there’s a guy from Nora’s past coming to this city. Scott, Nora’s childhood friend. Patch said Scott’s dangerous, but well… Patch himself has found Marcie to replace Nora in a record time. Don’t blame Nora when she decides to take revenge on him, using Scott.

But when the puzzle of truth has come together in place, will Nora be able to face the fact? The truth is maybe the worst thing. Is Patch really the one who killed her father? Is it really safe to believe in him, even when the evidences point out the opposite?

Nora shows more brave side of her in this second book. In Hush Hush, she made me irritated with lack of action. I like her brave yet kind of stupid acts. The author surely can make the readers feel upside down feeling. The bad guy could be the good guy in the end, and the guy you’ve rooted on the first page could be the murderer. The ending is very good, such a cliffhanger indeed, so I’ll make sure to read the third installment of this series.

What had I expected from a relationship with Patch? At some point, I must have thought about where our relationship was headed, and what would happen. Of course I had. But I’d been so frightened by what I saw coming that I’d pretended the inevitable away. I’d pretended a relationship with Patch could work, because deep inside, any time with Patch had seemed better than nothing at all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review : Moon Called

A unique world. Full of werewolf, fae, and vampire. Also one special skinwalker, who is our heroine in this series.

Mercedes, or simply Mercy Thompson’s life was as perfect as she can get. She is a skinwalker, a rare species who can transform into coyote. Mercy was raised by the strongest werewolf pack Marrok in Montana, but if she can help it, there’s no way she would go back to that place. Not after the alpha werewolf, Marrok himself asked her to go.

Years after that, Mercy has leave everything behind. She leads a happy life in Washington, owning a workshop and working as mechanic. Though magic has never left her. Her neighbor Adam is the alpha werewolf of Washington pack. Her ex boss is a gremlin. And she’s friend with Stefan, a vampire who’s so fond of Scooby Doo.

But when a new innocent werewolf boy comes to her workshop, everything seems to fall apart. Now, Mercy has to make her decision and comes back to the place she wants to leave, where Samuel has been waiting for her…

I love the premise of this story. Since Moon Called is the first book, I haven’t met anything surprising tough. I realy like Mercy’s character. She’s not very strong, but she’s brave and smart. Other characters like Adam the alpha werewolf amazes me. And don’t forget about Samuel, the charming one.

I will recommend this book to people who love Karen Chance books. The world is quiet similar, but the sexual tension is much lesser.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Post

I make this blog to share my thoughts to the world...

I love books. Especially fantasy books. It's nice to escape to some faraway place. :)


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