Monday, September 23, 2013

A quick note!

soo nerrvouusss about this post AAAAHHH

Hello! Do you guys remember me?

Don't worry, I won't bite you if you answer no. I'm such a baaaaad blogger. *crying in the corner*
This is just a quick note to assure you that I'm still living and breathing and okay and I want you guys to know that I wish I could go back to blogosphere ASAP.

Um, so I haven't posted anything in like three months. WHERE ARE YOU HILDAAA. Well, I have some legit reasons and not-so-legit ones.

I found out that I was sick in the beginning of July and had to perform a minor surgery in the end of the month. It was only a minor surgery, so don't worry! However, the sickness prevented me from doing some activities like blogging. There are some food I'm not allowed to eat yet and I still have to take my tonic every day, but I'm living my normal life now. I guess I pushed myself too hard last semester, so I'm just trying to enjoy life and take things easily now. :D

I hope I can post my reviews, comment on your FREAKINTASTIC blogs, and generally come back to this lovely book community as soon as my schedule let me! Things are becoming pretty hectic, with me in my fifth semester in university and the organizations I joined. I don't want to run my blog half-heartedly so I'll come back when I can fully commit to this blog. I hope you guys will still be around when I'm back. :)

Please don't pitch me with forks when I show up around blogosphere. I love you guys and I SO CAN'T WAIT to be back.

Take care xx,



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