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Feature and Follow Friday!

Hi! It's very nice to meet you again! Feature and Follow Friday is a fun meme hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. 

Q:  Birthday Wishes -- Blow out the candles and imagine what character could pop out of your cake...who is it and what book are they from?

BIRTHDAY BALLOONS! Lovely picture from JoyHey.

The question this week brings smile to my face! :) My birthday is coming up soon so this question is simply perfect for my daydreaming. :P

I think Finnick Odair from Hunger Games would pop out of my birthday cake. He'd be the birthday gift itself, of course. But Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games would be the one who made my birthday cake. And he wouldn't be too happy to see me with Finnick. And then Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy would come fashionably late to my party, and he would tell Finnick to back off because a vampire is the real gift, not some fisherman from district somewhere. Oh my gosh! I would finally get my long-awaited love... tetragon. Epic. *shed tears*

How about you? You may pick different character for your own love tetragon. :P

Thank you for stopping by, and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Retro Geeks by Karen Mueller Bryson

This book is completely and totally adorable. It has all the elements needed to make perfect and Disneyesque book: two geeky and lovable heroines, mean popular girls, not-so-bright jocks, annoying sibling, and swoon-worthy heroes!

Molly and Ally are self-proclaimed geeks. Boy, do I ever meet any clumsier character than them! Imagine this. Their physical coordination is so bad that they hit each other every time they try to do high-five! But the girls are also adorable in every sense possible. They love to dress in 80s attire, and they’re not afraid to be different. Although there are times they lose themselves somewhere in their effort to be popular, you can expect them to get their chins up and stand up straighter!

Retro Geeks is a fun and light book you would love to read in one sitting, just like me! I really hope that this book could be adapted into ad TV show someday, because it’s just too fun to miss! Get ready to read the misadventure of Molly and Ally, and how they find out that the only thing better than being popular girls is being their own quirky, unique individuals.

Dylan pulled up the pig's intestines for the girls to see. “The intestines, of course.”

The girls gagged once again. The intestines looked like the school cafeteria’s pasta delight.

“Prom should be quite a romantic evening for the right couple,” Dylan remarked as he gazed longingly at Molly.

But the girls could not take their eyes off of the horror show that was the dissected pig.


I rate this book:
Three cups of tea. I like it.  Recommended to read in spare time.

Many thanks to the author and YA Bound girls who provided me the review copy! Don't forget to check out the rest of the tour because some blogs offer copies of this book! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

This is the end of the world.

Zombies are everywhere. Parents are dead. Minors are left to take care of themselves. Help from government never comes.

This is the end of the world, but to Slone, her world has already ended.

Six months ago is the day her sister ran away from their house, leaving Sloane alone to deal with their abusive father. Lily is the center of Sloane’s world. She is her sister, her best friend, her protector, her everything. Without Lily, she is nothing. Sloane is dead inside the moment Lily leaves her.

But now, Sloane is stuck in her school with five other kids. This is crazy. In the perfect world, she’s supposed to have died in the moment. But in the perfect world, Lily would have never left her either. She’s biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to leave the kids and kill herself…

The first few hours after reading this, I couldn’t even form a simple sentence. My mind is a whirring jumble of thoughts, and I felt so emotional, shocked, and hopeful in the same time. The characters in this book are very real. They’re three-dimensional characters for me. When I close my eyes, I can see them playing scenes after scenes in this book in my mind.

It’s almost ironic that Sloane is one of the survivals when everyone else is dead. Sloane might be the last person in the city who wants to survive. She is broken, almost beyond repair. Sloane is apathetic to everything because she doesn’t see the reason to fight. The world she knows has always been cruel to her. Sloane is a very complex character. My heart felt wrenched every time I read the way she describes Trace and Grace, the twins in their group. I can see how much she longs to have relationship like Trace and Grace, how lonely and shattered she is.

It’s sad how selfish people can be when it comes to survival. Everyone is egoistic. Everyone wants to live whatever it takes. Characters in this book do horrible thing to survive, yet I can’t easily judge them. When it’s the end of the world, the line between bad and good is blurry. This book explores the darker side of human, and I love it for that.

Reading This is Not a Test is like reading nightmare. I was emotionally attached to almost every character in the book. It’s gripping. Awesome. Dreadful. Nightmarish. Devastating. This is Not a Test is a must-read because you have to determine yourself which adjective you would use to describe this book.

I turn myself over, slowly, painfully, and stare into milky white irises, all the capillaries around them busted and red. I lose focus. I see one of her, two of her, three of her. Calm settles over me. She licks her lips. I close my eyes.

This is it. Finally.

I rate this book:

Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

3.5 stars

It has been two months since Zoel started glitching. Whenever she glitches, her senses become sharper. She can see colors in things, tastes food, and feel emotion she doesn’t know what to call. Zoel knows that she has to report herself, but she keeps delaying it. She doesn’t want to be deactivated yet. She will hide her glitching, although it means that she has to betray her community.

When an aquamarine-eyed boy, Adrien, saves her from deactivation, Zoel follows him to his home and learns the truth about her community. Adrien told her that he has vision of Zoel leading the rebellion, but will his vision come true? Will she still remember her mission when her memory is wiped again?

Without the Link and its constant instruction, I was completely lost. This boy had offered me escape, but I had no idea what came next. He did.

I like the science-fiction aspects in this book. It’s kind of cool reading about the arm panel and access port in the back of the neck. These people are half cyborg, and it’s very interesting to know that they actually have heart pumping blood to every part of the body. Children are made in laboratories, carefully selected features from compatible mates. People in Zoel’s world are treated like slaves, incapable of any human emotions like love or beauty, and they don’t even have choice. When they’re old and not in the ‘productive’ age anymore, they’re simply deactivated. It’s impossible not to feel any pity toward this community.

Zoel, or as she prefers to be called Zoe, is a very interesting character. I think it’s clear that this book is intended for younger audience. She has overwhelming urge to save the day, and she wants to save everyone, even the villains, in the process. I expected to see more ruthless side of Zoe, but I like her na├»ve and kind side too. She’s the kind of heroine you would love if you’re more into strong yet compassionate heroine.

The love triangle is very strange and a bit messy. I don’t think that Max ever has any chance to get into Zoe’s heart. I usually feel sad for the guy whom the heroine doesn’t choose but in this case, it’s very hard to feel sympathetic toward Max. He’s possessive, selfish, and forceful. Zoe doesn’t feel the same way Max wants him, but it’s not the reason for him to shout at her or act like a child. Max does have some positive points, but most of the time these qualities are overshadowed by his dark side.

Glitch might not offer you something provoking, but you may want to read this book in your spare time. I did quite enjoy this book and look forward to read the continuation of this series. I hope I would get more attached to Zoe and learn more about their powers in the second book.

“Fell in love?” I frowned. “Love makes you fall?”

He laughed a little. He paused, looking up toward his brain, something I noticed he did when he was thinking. “It’s just a saying. It means that two people start loving each other. I guess because it can feel really sudden and because it’s powerful. Like gravity— an unstoppable force.”

“Love is like gravity?” I was still puzzling out the concept. “It sounds violent.”

He laughed and nodded. “But in a good way.”

I rate this book:
Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Muse: Good Guys

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful start this week! My brain is already in holiday mode, and I'm having a relationship with my TV. Gosh. Need to stop watching TV like twenty five hours a day.

This week's topic is good guys in fiction! This is a complementary post for my last week's Monday Muse post, bad boys in fiction. You know, good guys also have qualities that can make you... sawoooooon!

Good Guys
  • Sweater and polo shirt. Dressed up in a way that somehow looks cute and harmless.
  • Warm eyes and good smile.
  • He smells like coffee or the soap he uses. Wait, this is personal preference.
  • You can always find him wearing suitable clothes for any occasions. Clean and ironed, of course. They're real gentlemen.

  • They shower you with flowers. Flower on your birthday, flower on the first date, flower on Valentine...
  • They smile and laugh a lot. Always be the one who melts the icey atmosphere between strangers in parties.
  • You can ask him to watch romantic comedy instead of horror movies, and you know what? He will always say yes (although he hates romantic movies!).
  • Proper first kiss date. A sweet peck on forehead. Aww, forehead kisses are so sweet!♥
  • Never forget your birthday. No need to worry when he says he forgets, most of the time it only means that he has prepared you a surprise party.
  • Sweet texts or emails. He never forgets to text you good morning and call you before sleep.
  • Treats you gently.
  • They're family guys who are good with kids. Yay!
  • Brilliant mind. They're usually valedictorian who end up being a doctor, lawyer, or dentist.

  • Girls tend to think that these guys are too good to be true. Well, although they're almost extinct, I assure you there are still some left. ;)
  • Guaranteed approval from your mother. Never afraid to bring him to family events. Your family loves him!

Where to Meet

It's supposed to be easier to spot good guys. Like in a bakery. Er, so far I've only met one fictional good guy I love who is a baker. You know who he is. :P For unknown reasons, you can usually meet them in English class. They usually participate in after-school activity like football, newspaper club, or yearbook committee, so make sure to join these activities!

Good Guys in Fictions

Hilda's Verdict

I was very, very tempted to put on 'every boys from Sarah Dessen's books' on the list above. I think most good guys we love are from contemporary YA, because let's face it: we want that kind of guy in our real life! Well, I do. :P I love bad boys, but  I always have soft spot for good guys. Actually, I tend to root for them and get really disappointed when the heroine chooses the bad boy instead just because the bad boy is new guy/hot/dangerous/gorgeous. I think good guys, with their bright smiles, charming acts, and sweetness, can be irresistible too! :) Oh, and they're safe. :P

awwwww. sweet. ;)

Hopefully this post can brighten your day even just a tiny bit! Stay inspiring, get inspired, and have inspiration! Happy Monday, awesome people! ♥

What do you think of good guys in fiction? Who is your favorite fictional guy? :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Viola Cohen wants to feel like she belongs to something bigger, someone special, someplace amazing. Ever since her boyfriend Lawrence broke up with her and announced that he’s a gay, she never feels the same anymore. She’s the Invisible Girl, the kind of girl who has a handful of close friends and many acquaintances, but doesn’t belong to anything. And now, she’s just sad all the time.

He’s a genie who comes to grant Viola’s wish. He’s good in genie standard: never breaks out rules, never gets too attached to human, and always leaves human world as soon as possible. Like a fairytale, he gives Viola three chances to make a wish. He doesn’t have name, so Viola gives him name: Jinn. Jinn wants Viola to wish quickly, but how could Viola wish for something if she doesn’t even know what she wants?

“I mean, I know what I want to wish for--to belong somewhere, to something, with someone. But I want to belong only so I can...feel complete again, instead of broken apart from losing Lawrence—“

As You Wish is a lovely and quick read. I meant to read only a few chapters, but I found myself finishing the book in one sitting. Viola and Jinn are wonderful characters. I really like books with characters that grow up throughout the story. Viola is such a relatable character. Her flaws make her even more real. She’s too kind to wish for Lawrence, and she refuses to be so pathetic by wishing to belong. It’s very easy to connect with her. I love Lawrence’s character too, and how supportive he is to Viola and Jinn’s relationship. The moment when sparks flying between Viola and Jinn makes me want to go ‘aww’.

I’m not usually a fan of multiple POVs, but I like both Viola and Jinn’s voices in the book. Things that might seem confusing to Viola seem crystal clear for Jinn, and vice versa. They live in very different worlds, but both care for each other deeply. The ending is perfect, and the message behind the story is so powerful. Wishes can give you anything you want, but it all depends on you to be happy.

I like As You Wish very much and this makes me want to read more books from Jackson Pearce. Totally a recommendation. As You Wish is a book that digs deeper beyond a story between a girl and a genie that fall in love. It’s a story about finding your own happiness and discovering the real you.

"I can't go away unless you wish!" I shout, my temper finally at its breaking point.

"And what happens if I don't wish?" she wheels back.

My breath freezes in my lungs. It was a direct question, so I have to reply. I swallow hard, hoping my voice won't quiver when I answer.

"Then I die."

I rate this book:
 Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.

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Catch the Lune: Guest post!

representation of le me ruling the world someday (so close!)

I'm on my way to stardom. 

LOL, just kidding. The thing is, I was asked to do a guest post in my lovely blogging's friend blog, Darlene from Leather Bound and Lovely. Her blog has the most beautiful design ever, and her reviews are fabulous! You should totally check out her beautiful pink blog! ♥  

I wrote a blog post about everyone's favorite topic: DIVERGENT! I'm talking about factions and my result of faction quiz. It's a bit like my almost-weekly feature, Monday Muse, only a bit more serious. 

Go check it now! I'll really appreciate it if you share your thought after in the post. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

Review: The Glimpse by Claire Merle

I was confused when I first read it. I’m still confused now that I’ve finished it. The Glimpse is a very different take on dystopian genre. Sanity has never been deeply questioned, and people in dystopian worlds usually struggle with physical enemy like war, famine, or lack of natural resources. The Glimpse shows a frightening possibility of economic collapse and how government discriminates people by their DNA tests. I have to say that the idea is very original and it held such amazing premise.

However, there are parts in this book that bugged me. I didn’t understand the world. I had to restart reading it after forty pages because I couldn’t understand the story. Is it just me or the dialogues are really complicated? Sometimes I just hope that the characters would say the reason or fact out loud so I could understand what they mean. The answers in this book are implied, not stated. Sometimes I like it, but most of the time, I was simply lost.

With all the adventures and troubles Ana faced, I should have felt some kind of connection toward her. However, I wasn’t deeply emotionally invested with her. I know she’s smart, but most of the time she has a knack of not thinking ahead. Ana was instantly drawn to Cole, the main interest of this story, and I found their instant romance hard to believe. Maybe they’re meant to be, just like ‘the glimpse’, some sort of prophecy that Cole had seen in his dream, showed. However, I think the time is too short for Ana to hopelessly fall in love with Cole. I also think it very strange that the title of this book is ‘The Glimpse’, since in my opinion we are given very little information about the glimpse. It wouldn’t hurt if Jasper could have a bigger part in this book too.

I usually avoid books which involve mental institution since I always feel sorry for the patients. The mental institution in this book is horrible. I hate the absurd, crazy, and ridiculous treatment they give to the patients. The doctors and nurses are supposed to help, not making the patients worse. It’s impossible to lead a normal life after you’ve experienced living there, just like Ana discovered later.

For me, The Glimpse is a take it-or-leave it book. I like it but there are some flaws I just can’t ignore. If you’re interested in psychology, then you may want to give this book a go. I like reading Ana’s deep thinking, and she’s certainly a very interesting character to watch!

She wondered if what she was doing proved more than any suicidal mother or DNA tests that she belonged among the Crazies. The deceit, the danger, her curiosity – surely a normal Pure girl would be running for her life right now? But Ana was still there. Because, beneath her determination to help Jasper, there was also the fact that she’d been waiting years to take control of her future. Because like a wooden puppet in a fairy tale, when she’d ventured into the City, the strange, dark place had brought her to life.



I rate this book:
                                   Three cups of tea. I like it.  Recommended to read in spare time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Muse: Bad Boys

Hi everyone! Last week my life consisted of papers, presentations, lots of Snickers, and piles of unread Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost poems. It's pretty depressing, so let's spare the gory details. ♥

Today, I'm going to talk about boys. Not just any boy, of course... we're going to talk about bad boys in fictions, and much-loved things about them! With their wicked wink and  come-on-baby smile, they sure steal your heart! ;)

Bad Boys

  • They tend to wear leather jacket and boots. I don't know, maybe it's bikers thing?
  • Jeans! They always wear navy blue jeans or black one. Never heard one wearing white or brown jeans (brown jeans would make them look like cowboy, which is much no-no). 
  • No watch. Please, who cares about future?
  • Ghost-like smile, or a cocky grin that tease you. Always look kind of sullen and mysterious. Giving out bad boy vibe.
  • Messed-up hair that somehow makes you dying to ruffle your hands through.
  • Stunning blue eyes. Or green, or brown, or black... well, you're still melting whatever shades of color his eyes are.
  • Some of them have tattoo. Intricate ink of something hard to decipher.
  • Tend to have piercings in some places of their body like ear or lip.
  • Six-packs body. Muscles... are important, trust me.
  • Extremely possessive of their girlfriend.
  • Have very strong desire to protect their loved ones.
  • If unable to protect somebody they love (like their family, their friends, or their girlfriends), they will be very upset and blame themselves. Must be a superhero thing.
  • They usually are very smart, but do not care a thing about their grades. Have strict rules to only use their brilliant mind to plot something dangerous.
  • At first, a bit jerkish to girls whom they are attracted to. Usually gone mushy-mushy after first kiss.
  •  Mysterious. Have dark aura surrounding him.
  • Always a natural alpha in his group.
  • He doesn't open up to anyone else but the girlfriend.
  • They always give you a warning first, something along the line, "I'm dangerous. You're a good girl. Forget about me." But of course, the girl is even more attracted to him and finally she unveils his dark secret. Well, at least now we have a fascinating story to read. ;)

  • They tend to be an outsider, but your eyes will still follow his movements around the school.
  • Have reputation being bad boy, tough fighter, jerk, and heart-breaker. Well, they can have 'dangerous' label on his forehead and girls would still follow them to the end of the world.
  • Some of them smoke and drink.
Where to Meet
If you're lucky, you can be assigned to be his partner in Biology class. If lady luck is not smiling at you, there are still big chances to find them in public places like a new club, billiard, or parties.

Bad Boys In Fiction
Hilda's Verdict

There are so many bad boys in fiction, but we still can't get enough! What is it with their irresistible charm? Well, I think it's more than their drop-dead-gorgeous look. It's more to the challenge, the moment when you play with fire. His dark past also adds thrilling feeling to the relationship. Aww, maybe there's just something touching with fixing that broken soul. ;)

whoa, we have badass here :P
That's all for Monday Muse this week! Stay tune, because next week I'm going to post the versus of bad boys: good boys! Maybe the week after it would be hot boys, then cold boys (?), warm boys (??), hot and cold boys (???)... errr, I don't think anyone would want to read that kind of post.

Stay inspiring, get inspired, and have inspiration! I hope your Monday rocks, lovely people! ♥

What do you think of bad boys in fiction? Who is your favorite fictional bad boy? :) 

A little note about Catch the Lune! 
As you can see, I changed my blog template! It's a short-time decision and although I like it, I think the sidebar is a bit crowded. What do you think of this new template? And do you know how to show 'comment' button in my blog? Somehow the comment button doesn't show up in homepage. :'( Thank you so much for your help and honest opinion! ♥ :)

 I decided to change my blog template again. There's something wrong with the 'floating clouds' template, so this time it's 'carnival flags' template. It just reminds me of carnival LOL! Hopefully you guys like it too! :)

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Haul from the Hummingbird (#4)!

Hi everybody! You may have noticed that I didn't do this feature last week, so this post is a wrap-up of books I've received the past two weeks. I haven't posted much lately, but you can expect things to get back to normal soon! Exams are finally over! *insert breathless shriek here* Talking about excessive happiness! :)

Since I love rewarding myself to the point of spoiling, I decided to get many some books for my Summer read!

(clicking on the picture would bring you to the Goodreads page) 

ENORMOUS thanks to Harper Collins, Tribute books, Harlequin Teen, and Abrams! :)

I'm so excited to read What's Left of Me! I've been wanting the book ever since I saw the cover, so I'm very glad to have the chance to read it! I heard that Pushing the Limits is a touching and lovely story, so I can't wait to dive into! I'm in the mood for historical YA lately. My first thought when I read the blurb of A Soldier's Secret: Mulan, anyone? Shadow and Bone, oh-em-gee! Finally.

I received The Color of Snow for the book tour. Lovely cover! Darkness Before Dawn looks so good! I love the cover of Beauty, so I just know that I have to buy it! I was a bit hesitant to pick Arise, but I have to know what happen to Amelia and Joshua.

I love the dark tone in Elizabeth Scott's books. Living Dead Girl is my favorite book by her, but I hope Miracle could be my new favorite. I read Easy two weeks ago and fell in love with the story. It's so good and I'd recommend it to anyone! I have a thing for fairytale, so Enchanted is an instant-buy. Good Oil looks really good! I love Australian author!

I hope everyone had a great week with books too! Looking forward to see what everyone else got! Happy Sunday lovely people! :)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Review: The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges

Young duchess Katerina Alexandrovna has a wonderful gift of necromancy which she regards as a curse. The gift/curse makes her wanted by both dark and light powers. The Tsar’s second son, Grand Duke George, deduces Katerina’s power and reminds her ‘nicely’ not to ever use her dark power. The crown prince of Montenegro, the gorgeous Prince Danilo, wants Katerina for his own agenda, which is suspiciously involved with blood sucking. Katerina has to learn how to waltz among the dark and light faerie court, old vampire clans who want to take revenge on the Tsar, and unconsciously-raised living dead… all without falling for the charm of the charming Prince Danilo or off-limits Grand Duke George.

First of all, this book is set in Russia in 1888. Can’t go wrong with that beautiful time, right? There are so many balls and gowns mentioned to satisfy my obsession. I love the vivid and beautiful description of the setting. It’s very easy to imagine myself taking a walk in the woods, breathing the frosty air and savoring the cold beauty of winter in Russia.

There is something fascinating about historical fiction. Although I tend to get headache in desperate attempts of remembering their strange names and deciphering the unfamiliar words, I always have pleasure in reading historical fiction. Maybe it’s the complicated yet mesmerizing protocol, the way the characters speak in perfect manner and veiled words. I’m a lover of words, so I always appreciate a play of words. But maybe another cause of my fascination is the perfect gentlemen’s acts in historical fiction. Call me weird, but I melt whenever the hero takes the heroine’s hand and kisses it. There’s a reason I adore Mr. Darcy.

The Gathering Storm is a book that I wished there would have been more romance inside. It’s more focused on Katerina’s power, her fear for her family and friends’ safety, and her detective work on finding the main threat of the Tsar. Aside from the lack of romance, I really like the paranormal aspect of the book. It’s very interesting to see how the author, Robin Bridges, mingles history with Russian legends.

I like Katerina. She’s lovely, smart, and very nice. She wants to be a doctor and I feel bad for her that woman at that time in Russia is not permitted to. However, sometimes I’m exasperated by her pessimistic view of life. She refuses to ask help to people around her because she’s afraid of endangering their life, even when she’s stuck in a very difficult situation. Her romance with Prince Danilo is a sort of enchantment, while the relationship she has with Grand Duke George is more natural. George is very stubborn yet I can’t help falling for him. There is no insta-love in their relationship. Mon dieu. Not with George keep catching Katerina in shady states.

In overall, I did enjoy The Gathering Storm immensely. There are so many things to love in this book, yet I finished it feeling like there’s something missing. The story could be something… more. More action, more developing characters, more surprising twists, and a conclusion! The first book of this trilogy feels like the promise of the storm ahead. Well, definitely the gathering of storm. However, I hope you would give this book a shot, because it’s full of amazing premises and likeable characters. I definitely can’t wait to read the second book of this trilogy, The Unfailing Light!

I shivered, feeling nothing but the bitter cold. I was certain that, witch or no witch, Elena would not do anything foolish. But as I looked back across the line of sleighs, full of excited young girls, I had a terrible vision. A brilliant bluish-white light illuminated each girl’s face.

This vision was, unfortunately, very familiar.

Death would be dancing with us at the ball that night.

I crossed myself and prayed it would touch no one I loved.

I rate this book: 
Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Review: Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley

Natalie can speak to cat. It sounds like a cool ability, but compared to her family’s ability, hers sounds like a ‘party trick’ talent. Her older sister has three super cool Talents, including being a human lie detector. Her younger sister can ‘disappear’ like a chameleon. Her mother has really high IQ and laser vision. Her father’s nose is hypersensitive and he can tell each bit of chemical component in things.

When Natalie’s friend Oscar shows her a funny video of a crazy cat attacking her famous owner, Natalie understands instantly what the cat’s problem. The pink cat in the video screams for help, and Nat is the only person in the world who understands him. Some people’s lives are in danger, and it all depends to Cat Girl and her spunky friends to save the day…

If there were a ‘lovely book award’, Cat Girl’s Day Off would be one of the biggest candidates. With brilliant dialogues between a snobby pink cat and a girl with purple streak in her hair, this book delivers tons of fun and laughter scenes. I almost feel sympathetic to see Natalie dragged by her celebrity-obsessed best friends to movie sets. It’s her unwillingness to get caught up in the mystery that made me want to smile. But Natalie has real sense of justice and in the end you can expect her to be the superhero.

Cat Girl’s Day Off has enough mystery, light romance, and craziness to keep you engaged in the story. Plus, lots of cats! As a cat person, the whole cat-talking thing earns extra brownie point from me. Who doesn’t want to exchange snarky remarks with this furry creature? The pink cat in this story, Rufus Brutus the Third (or you can call him Tiddlywinks), certainly has attitude, but he’s so fabulous that I’m willing to adopt him as my pet.

I hope that someday I could see this book adapted into a movie or TV series. There are so many things-gone-wrong scenes in this book that makes me wish to watch it played by real actors. Cat Girl’s Day Off makes a remarkable story for teenage readers, and I think I would enjoy this story even more if I were younger. However, if you’re generally a cat whisperer like me and in need of something light and easy to read, then this book should be your first choice! Natalie and her friends (including a number of exceptional cats) will bring you along in their crazy and hilarious adventure.

Oscar snorted but then turned serious. “You have to do something,” he said. “It’s your duty.”

“It’s my duty? What are you talking about?” I turned away from the window to look at him.

Oscar tapped the seat in front of him for emphasis. “You’ve seen Spider-Man,” he said. “‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ It’s your duty to do something about Easton. You’re the only one on the planet who could’ve seen that video and known something was wrong. That’s kismet.”

 I rate this book:
Three cups of tea. I like it.  Recommended to read in spare time.


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