Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Muse: Books for Vacation

Monday Muse is a weekly blog feature in which I talk about book-related things: review book-to-movie adapation, lists of my favorite heroines, etc. But really, it's just a feature to excuse my random rants so as not to clutter this blog.

It's officially the first week of holiday! FINALLY. *sheds tears* Technically it's the second week of holiday, but since I spent my first week hiking a mountain and went around with my adrenaline-junkie friends, I only have time to rest and read now. Ah. Bliss. *rolls around* Check out my post yesterday to see pictures of the mountain! :P

Anyways, happy Monday Muse! Today I have a list of books that will be perfect choices for your holiday. Hope you'll find some books that you'll like! :)

1. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige | Goodreads 

OZ! You can watch The Wizard of Oz during your vacation, but you know what else you can do? You can read Dorothy Must Die in which Dorothy becomes bad and a new heroine must kill her! Yay! Not the same old tale we all love and know anymore, right? ;)

Wishing for twists in your book? Give Dorothy Must Die a go. :)

2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins | Goodreads

Anna and the French Kiss is especially perfect for beach reading. Short, sweet, and definitely swoon-worthy! And it's all set in France, which makes this book even more awesome. Recommended for anyone with beating heart for romance. ♥

Such sweet, sweet book. Prepare to fall in love! 

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho | Goodreads

MUAHAHAHA. Yes you read it right. I give you The Alchemist for vacation book! Hehe, one of my friends actually read it for train reading in last week's vacation and it gives me idea to include the book in this list. The Alchemist is a short book, a must-read-at-least-once-in-a-lifetime book, and truth be told, it's good to impress people.

Need a book to read in a plane/train/anything with lots of people passing by? The Alchemist it is.

4. The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes | Goodreads

Want something light and sweet to entertain your day? Pick The Art of Lainey! It may sound like typical getting-back-the-ex boyfriend story (yawn....), but no! Lainey is a very fun character, and she uses Sun Tzu's The Art of War in order to get back her ex! Now that's EPIC.

Good fluffy reading with friendship, family, and romance in a package!


5. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers | Goodreads

Let's not forget our readers in Southern hemisphere! ;) This is Not a Test is a perfect read in snow, drizzle, or anything without sun in sight. It's gripping, crazy... perfect. Zombie is not my favorite undead creature (vampire FTW!), but Courtney Summers' take of zombies in this book is very interesting.

Not a usual zombie book, I highly recommend This is Not a Test


6. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen | Goodreads

I read This Lullaby loooong time ago and it's still one of my favorites summer time read. ♥ It's simple and sweet, and there's something about restoring faith in love that makes the story even cuter. ;)

If you haven't read anything by Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby can be your introduction to this wordsmith's work!

 7. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han | Goodreads

It's cute cute cute. To All the Boys I've Loved Before is the story of a Korean-American girl who writes letter to her crushes and put it inside box instead of admitting it. But then: her sealed letters are mailed! Yeah, chaos. And awesomeness. :)

Perfect for light reading and yay for heroine from minority! :) It's going to be turned into a movie! Can't wait!! :)

8. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard | Goodreads

I loved Wanderlove. Backpacking! Have always wanted to try that in Wanderlove, we meet Bria who actually does that. Backpacking is not always nice - mosquito ugh - but of course, a good companion makes everything much better (preferably a hot guy like Rowan haha ;)).

Adorned with illustrations, I bet Wanderlove makes you want to grab your backpack and travel around the world.

9. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson | Goodreads

Second Chance Summer is a very powerful read. Heart-touching with strong sets of characters, you may avoid reading this in beach though... red eyes from crying are not very attractive. ;) Really, Second Chance Summer is too good to let go even if you have to go through your stock of Kleenex.

A great choice for fans of realistic contemporary. ♥

 10. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith | Goodreads

A mystery thriller by J. K. Rowling Robert Galbraith. If you missed The Cuckoo's Calling, now is the time to catch up with everyone by reading The Silkworm! I'm the kind of person who jumps in a series even if it's the tenth book in the series (for real), so no worries if you haven't read the first book! Just grab the second book and enjoy it. ;)

Friendship, mystery, and murder. Ah, what else we can ask?

And that's the list of my book recommendation for vacation! Is there any book that grabs your attention from the list above? What do you plan to read for vacation? :)

Stay inspiring, get inspired, and have inspiration! Happy Monday, awesome people! ♥


  1. I love this post Hilda! I have read and loved four books from your list, so I know that I can always trust your opinion to when it comes to recommending books! I have heard great things about The Art of Lainey and Second Chance Summer, I think they would be just the sort of books that I would enjoy over the Summer! And a friend who doesn't read that much, was actually recommending the first Robert Galbraith book to me the other day! Thanks for sharing a brilliant post with us Hilda, I hope your Summer is full with wonderful books!

  2. Anna and the French Kiss, The Art of Lainey, This Lullaby, and Wanderlove are all books I'd definitely take with me on vacation. I feel as though This Is Not a Test and Second Chance Summer may deal with slightly darker issues than I'd want to read on a vacation (though Courtney Summers is just brilliant!) but I know I'd love a good mystery on a vacation too. Fantastic list, Hilda!(:

  3. Awesome list! I need to read all those books too :)

  4. Fun post Hilda! I've only read one of these so far but most of them are on my TBR =) I'm afraid that reading Wanderlove will make my case of wanderlust unbearable though, haha. I really want to read Second Chance Summer soon, it's the only Morgan Matson book I haven't read.

  5. AHHH This Lullaby!!! I love that book from Sarah Dessen. That book and Just Listen are my 2 favorites from her. She writes such good summery reads.^^ To all the boys looks so cute!!!

    And..road trip books always are the best too. ^0^ These are my favorite posts from you always lovely!♡

  6. I loved Anna and the French Kiss; great vacation read. I need to read Lola soon, so I'll be ready when Isla comes out. The Silkworm is fantastic!! I just finished that the other day - review soon. It is something you can read before the first if you wish, which is nice.

  7. I just finished listening to The Silkworm yesterday! SO GOOD. :D The mystery and friendship between the two mc's was just perfect. <3

  8. This is not a test is REALLY good. I'm curious and afraid for J.K Rowling writing as someone else. Second chance summer looks interesting.


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