Monday, April 04, 2011

Review: Hereafter by Tara Hudson

 A surprising and unique story, Hereafter represents a whole new different world to us. A world where Heaven and Hell may lay closer than we thought, and first love stays forever.

Amelia is a ghost. She doesn’t know who she is, not even her last name. She doesn’t have any clue why she was dead, and she has no intention to know why. Every day, when twilight comes, Amelia will disappear and dream about her death. It’s always a dream about her strangled in deep black water of the river. And when she wakes up, she’ll be surrounded by gravestones. No courage to search for her own gravestone, she’ll run away as fast as she can. However, when dark comes again, the same thing will be repeated. A dull routine for years.

No one could hear Amelia, and neither could see her in her afterlife. Every living person means nothing for her. Until she meets Joshua.
It starts all the same. Amelia is disappeared, and once again wakes up. But it’s different this time. This time, dark water surrounds her, just like her nightmare. Just like her death. And she sees a boy. A boy who is almost dead. Drowned in the same place where Amelia has been dead. Amelia knows that she has to save him whatever it costs, but she doesn’t know that the act will affect her future afterlife...

Hereafter is a sweet love story which will keep you questioning until the last page. It was written in such tender words, so you can’t help but tearing through the pages. I love the characters and the relationships between them, especially Amelia and the boy she save, Joshua. They seem so cute together in spite of their different world. I love Joshua and his amazing understanding, and how Amelia becomes braver through the story.

The story has some senses of dark, yet it pours you with sweet feeling as you flip through the pages. I can’t wait to read the next book, since we still have questions unanswered yet.

This book will make you believe that love can overcome any difference.

Of course I knew his importance now. I knew it deep in my suddenly very awake core. I knew nothing about him–not his age, his last name, the way his voice would sound if it spoke my name. But I knew things had changed for me. They had changed forever.
Hereafter, page 20 of 250

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