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Review: Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Jake and Lily are twins. They were born in the California Zephyr train, in the Moffat Tunnel.


They have something special that intertwine them. Both can feel the other’s thoughts, fear, and presence. In their birthday since they’re sixth, they somehow wake up in a train station. That is their secret, the thing that makes them special.

Super cool!

But now they’re both eleven and having their summer holiday, Jake starts hanging out with other boys. He never has time to play with Lily anymore.

Uh oh, NOT cool.

It is the first summer when the twins spend it separately. While Lily tries to find her life without Jake with the help of their Grandpa, Jake learns about making up for his own mistakes and being friends with someone considered nerd is okay.

The first thing that made me interested to read this book is the author. Jerry Spinelli is not my favorite author but I love how raw and honest his writing in Star Girl. I enjoyed how wonderful Jerry Spinelli captivates the feeling of eleven-years-old kids.

This book is written like a journal and you get to slip inside Jake and Lily's head. At first, I was more interested in Jake’s POV. Jake goes out and spends summer holiday with his friends, and it’s certainly more interesting rather than sulking Lily who keeps yelling and getting angry at Jake. But as the story progresses, Lily’s story intrigued me more. Lily’s attempts to have a life are desperate and hilarious sometimes. While Jake’s story is dark with the heavy theme of bullying, Lily’s story is a little more cheerful and more focused on her struggle to stand in her own feet.

I like most parts of this book, even though I’m not really in favor with the ending. It’s just an okay ending for me. Jake and Lily is a great, quick read that will remind you about the confusion of growing up, the strangest time when you realize that boys and girls are different, and the importance of
staying true to yourself.

How do you not try to get something you want?
How do you stop caring about the thing that you care about the most?
How do you erase the other half of your own self?
parts of Lily’s journal

I rate this book:   
 Three cups of tea. Like it, but doesn’t give me much impression. Recommended to read in spare time.


  1. TWINS! I looooove reading books with twins in them! Whether they're twins that fight or twins that are opposites or twins who are exactly the same, they always make me wish I had one! x)

    STARGIRL! Oh my gosh, Hilda, I thought I was alone in loving those books and I'm so glad I'm not :) Both books I read about her were sweet and adorable and realistic and touching, so if this book is anything like that, I think I'll adore it!

    AMAZING REVIEW! Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts, Hilda -- it may not have blown you away, but I'm still planning on reading it soon because I'm feeling like more J-Spinelli soon! :) <3

    1. I loooveee books about twins too! Especially when t/he twins have a very close relationship, I just adore it so much! When I was a kid, I used to pretend I have a twin too. It'll be just beyond amazing to have someone who will ALWAYS be there with you no matter what! <3

      Stargirl is a touching read, and I adore how realistic the book is! I think that is what I enjoyed most from Jerry Spinelli's books! x)

      THANK YOU, Mimi! <3 If you ever read this book, I hope you'd enjoy it even more than I did! <3

  2. I remember seeing this in your mailbox and thought it looked ADORABLE! As an only child, I'm fascinated by sibling stories and being twins makes it even more interesting! Jerry Spinelli isn't my favourite author either but I think he captures emotions quite well. I'm very curious about the ending now though! I hope it ended happily at least.

    1. I have sisters but I always want a twin brother! It just seems much more fun and I don't know, the novelty part of me love the idea so much LOL! x) His books are very real and I enjoy it most! The ending just seems a little abrupt for me. Well, most middle-grade titles left me feeling like, "What? This is the end??". But I assure you that it's still a good ending, Elena! :)

  3. Love your review, Hilda! This sounds like such a cute read and I would definitely like to give it a try one day even though it's not the age range I might usually go for. I have two sisters but twins have always fascinated me! Thanks for drawing this to my attention. :)

    1. Thank you, Sam! <3 Middle-grade is not genre I usually read either, and it might be the reason why I didn't enjoy this book that much! I also have sisters, but I always wish I could have a twin! That will be just beyond awesome! ;)

  4. I'm not that big of a fan of Jerry Spinelli, to be honest, haha. But I'm glad you found this book cute and fun overall (despite some dark issues)! It does sound fun and light. Maybe I'll have to check it out when I have extra time. :) Sorry to hear it wasn't exactly memorable. Thanks for the honest and fantastic review, Hilda!

    1. There are bloggers who absolutely love this book so I kind of feeling that maybe it's my fault LOL! Oh, Sophia, I assure you that it is fun, light, and concerning with heavy subjects in the same time! It's too bad that this book just didn't really work for me. :)

  5. I haven't heard of this book before!!! BUT I LOVE THE COVER. It's so cute! Was this book adapted to a movie? Because the cover looks like an animation or some sort!

    Anyway, awesome review, Hilda! ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    1. I can't be even more agree with you, Celine! <3 The cover is absolutely adorable! As far as I know, this book is not yet adapted into the movie, but the cover really gives the feeling like seeing a movie poster! <3 Thank you, Celine! :)

  6. I always enjoy stories about twins, I don't know why. I wonder how their voices were separated. I don't really read middle grade books if I can avoid them and 11-year-old protagonists are just a bit too young for me, but my kid will be old enough to read this kind of thing soon and I'm already making a list for her. I think I'll consider adding this one.
    Lovely review, Hilda!

    1. Twins stories always manage to fascinate me - maybe because of my peculiar obsession to have a soul sister/brother. :P Middle grade books are fun sometimes. The characters are very innocent, and it's really refreshing after reading books with teenage-in-the-crazy-hormon-state LOL! :D Oh, that's awesome! You may consider adding Jacqueline Wilson's books to the list - I love them when I was a kid! Oh, and Roald Dahl books are amazing too! :)

      Thank you, Maja! <3


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