Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday Muse: My Blog and Things I’ll Never Understand in It

 Happy Monday, awesome readers! :)

I was looking at my blog stats, and of course, things I found there never cease to amaze me. People seem to find Catch the Lune using every kind of unimaginable keywords. Some people lurk in this site from place I’ve never thought. Posts when I babble seem to get higher stats (why oh why). Those stuffs make me think about when I first start blogging, and all the goods that come from it.

Being a good procrastinator I am, of course I have to put down whatever I'm supposed to do and write these things in my Monday Muse post. (In fact I was supposed to be writing my essay by the time I wrote this, but well… some things can wait #legitprocrastinator)

 My Blog and Things I’ll Never Understand in It



Let’s see. Some of you type “pictures of boys” and you got yourself here. Interesting.

I know I’m supposed to gush about cute guys’ abs and Ian Somerholder and Matt Bomer. What am I doing writing reviews about books. Huh.

Too bad, I’m not too good in writing about cute guys. I can’t ever get past “OMG IAN MATT CHACE TOO PERFECT GAAAH TAKE OFF MY MONEY AND SHOWS US THOSE ABS”.

Not good enough to make blog post, no.

Oh yeah, definitely the kind of stuff that I actually want to write about.

But here’s Douglas to compensate little lambs who are lost here. Yeah, I’m perfectly content with Chace for now, thank you.

Ugh. Those looking-through-your-soul-eyes. *wipe drools*


Interestingly, my biggest blog audience after USA (Americans! I love you!) is Russia. Strange, because:

1. I've only read a handful books set in Russia.

2. As you see, this blog is written in English.

3. I don’t remember having interacted much with any Russian blogger.

And thus, the reason why my 2nd biggest audience are Russians is my biggest mystery.

Here's a shoutout to my silent Russian readers! Please don’t be lurkers and talk to me, guys! I occasionally serve biscuits and tea, and I promise I don’t bite. Let’s talk about the beauty of St. Petersburg and the aching love story of Tatiana and Alexander in The Bronze Horseman series! x)

Как дела? Меня зовут Хилда. Приятно познакомиться! (finally my Russian class pays off. I promise it’s not Google Translate)



Come on, guys. Catch the Lune is a serious literary blog (please let me dream) and it’s not like I gush about cute guys every week. Somehow the posts with the biggest hits are giveaway (understandable) and my Monday Muse series (questionable) though. I don’t remember ever put anything important in this… I think I only talk about something slightly serious things sometimes. For some reasons, people seem to find this blog more amusing when I rave nonstop about cute guys / the sweetness of Peeta / Finnick and how hot he is. Wait, they are basically the same thing.

I’m not going to clutter this blog with my rambling, but I’ll do my best to post Monday Muse regularly. Please do check out every Monday to read a little bit of silliness (and whatever in my mind at that time haha)! ;)


It’s so lovely that you guys take some time commenting in my "About Me "page! It’s also the page with biggest hits in this blog. Originally, I forgot to turn off comment section in that page but now I’m so grateful. You guys are so kind for taking your time reading it. <3


Letters Inside Out is a wonderful blog managed by Amanda, and I remember participating in one book tour she organizes. It’s a bit confusing though that people seems to find my blog through her site! I don’t interact much with lovely Amanda, and I think my blog is not listed in her blogroll. In addition, she has quit blogging for the meantime so her site is down now. So why… is it still top referrer?

  • I guess some things are never meant to be solved.
  • You guys could be from any nation and I'd still thank you for reading this blog! Thanks! :)
  • I hope you guys will be okay with me posting totally strange things like this!
  • Yeah yeah, this post is mainly slightly an excuse for me to post Chace Crawford's picture in my blog. Major needs to blog about him, sorry! :P

Is there anything in your blog that confuses you as well? Like many hits on unexpected posts or hilarious keyword search on your stats? :)

Thank you for reading this week's Monday Muse! Have a wonderful day, everyone! :)


  1. Haha, pictures of boys. Interesting key words :p I sometimes see very unique ways to type my blog name, this one specifically amazed me: dairly prophency. This one was pretty cool, since I'm proud of my blogpost about bullying: difference between bullying and voicing an opinion? And this one is puzzling: s;agharen

  2. Well, you know what to do, then, don't you? Post more pictures of boys. I suggest you get to work, don't disappoint your readers! No, really, this was a really amusing post. I haven't even figured out how to find all that stuff yet. You're right though, some things are meant to remain mysteries.

  3. LOL, pictures of boys. Always important. ;) I should do this sometime...actually take the time to look through my stats and see how people find my blog! This was such a fun post, Hilda--thanks for sharing!

  4. I haven't really checked these things in awhile...I know the I get the most hits from the U.S. which makes sense. That's kind of hilarious that Russia is your second highest visiting country. Some things just don't make sense; like how people find your blog. It's funny though.

  5. Confuses me most? Hmmm. A few days ago someone tried to hack the blog and actually managed and locked my co-blogger Inge (who already commented above) and me out for good. It just threw us out of the panel and said we had too many failed log in attempts. Now that was weird. I then had to spend an hour on the phone with our provider so they would unlock the blog and we had to change all the passwords yada yada. That's something which was really confusing. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO HAVE OUR BLOG? It's just two nerds with no life ranting about books. (Sorry, Inge. You know I love you.)

    1. It's okay - I know I have no life. He then tried to access my account again.

  6. I find the things that are searched and lead to different blogs to be quite amusing, a lot of the time, and this was no exception! I wish I could work out how to see what my results were, but I've never looked hard enough, I don't think. Perhaps I'll search more properly today and get some results!

    I really enjoyed this post! It was funny and I really enjoyed the way you wrote it. xx

  7. Ha. My largest search entry keyword is extremely weird. "Channing Tatum Height"
    Sorry ladies, but I've never ever discussed anything to do with Channing's height!!

  8. I always read anything on the blog that is not a review. It's not I don't like book reviews, but I prefer reading them on Goodreads. Ramblings are always fun to read :)


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