Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Forever by Judy Blume

I picked this book for obvious reason. The simple title. Forever. Everyone is enchanted with that word. The constant.  Everlasting. Eternal. Here, and after.

Introducing a sweet couple, Katherine and Michael. Both seniors from different school. Both young, attractive, and curious about love. And mostly important, they believe in that word. Forever.
We get to see how Katherine and Michael meet up. First kiss. First sex. First serious relationship. First promise of forever.

Naturally, their parents don’t want them to take things too seriously. Eighteenth is too young to get tied up forever. They should see other person, other scenery, and other places. Their parents make them go to different places, and they will be stayed apart for six weeks. Of course, Katherine and Michael are furious. 
They will only have to prove to everyone, that they are destined for each other. Separating them will only make their love grows stronger.

But they don’t know, that forever…. Forever is a very hard word to keep.

Even though I think the ending is kind of harsh, the message in the book is clear: don’t get too hasty in love. If you promise something, mean it. That way, you won’t hurt too many people in the process. Because we grow from experiences.

“I love you, Michael Wagner.”

“Forever?” he asked.

“Forever,” I said.

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