Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 New Year Reading Resolution

I’m not big in making resolution. I’m a modest person who keep my foot on earth. I know that some people will be stunned by my wonderful achievement in reading, so I don’t want to make people jealous with my amazing resolution and achievement. I’m such a person with a caring personality, so I’m going to make my reading New Year resolution seem easy and simple…

Fine, I admit it. This has nothing to do with my caring personality or whatsoever. I don’t like to make too-high resolution because I will feel like the resolution is chasing after me. I’ll be haunted by my own reading challenge. Sounds kind of silly, but well… that’s me.

So this is my reading resolution for 2012:
1. Read 60 books in 2012
(Like I’ve told you, I don’t enjoy having too much book expectation. I’m a student after all. I wish I could make it 100 books in 2013/2014)
2. Finished all books by Sarah Dessen
(So far I’ve read Just Listen and The Truth about Forever. Planning to read What Happened to Goodbye next and then the rest of her books)
3. Read my copy of Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
(I don’t feel the passion to read Vampire Academy series anymore after reading the last book, Last Sacrifice. I’m not a big fan of Jill or Sydney, and I can’t stand the thought of heartbreaking Adrian with the awkward Jill. I mean, ewhh. Sorry, Jill. Gotta gather my strength first before reading Bloodlines.)
4. Write more reviews and other things in my book blog
(Would people mind if I read a short review? I myself prefer long review. However, some books don’t give me strong feeling, so I can only make a short review for them. Well, as Jean de La Fontaine said, ‘but the shortest works are always the best.’ *wink*)

Well, I think that’s all for my reading resolution. In my life resolution, I wrote things like: ‘decrease my intensity of eating instant noodles’, ‘eat more vegetables’, and ‘stop questioning why heroines in novel could be such an airhead sometimes’. Well, that’s another story and I won’t post that kind of resolution here. Not sure if anyone even spare their time to read it haha.

Have a nice day people! I hope you read a good book today. :)

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