Saturday, February 04, 2012

2012 Just Contemporary Reading Challenge!

I’m psyched to do this challenge! I love Contemporary YA. Contemporary YA portray real life, and I especially myself know that one of the reasons we read book is to escape from reality. However, in mind, Contemporary YA shows possibilities. It illustrates events that have bigger chance to happen in real life. Sure, vampire and werewolf and magic are exciting, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen in real life (still, I had hard time accepting it. I’m still weeping over it. Why can’t I go to half-blood camp?!).

I love Contemporary YA because of the chance that it may really happen to me. Who can refuse a guy like Adam Sandler from If I Stay? Not me, I’m sure of! Or sweet Augustus from The Fault in our Stars? Swoon! Contemporary YA give us realistic world, but the story never stops presenting us hope. For me, at least. Willow by Julia Hoban gives and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson gives me hope that broken girls like them can get better. One of my favorite books ever is a stand-alone Contemporary YA: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Don’t get me started on If I Stay!

This amazing challenge is hosted by Basically Amazing Ashley!

There are two possible ways to participate:

The first is simple- Read Contemporary YA. Every single Contemporary counts. Challenge yourself to read more Contemporary YA than normal. If you never read it, add a few next years. If you are new to it, try for one a month. Or two a month. Or even more!

The second is the same basic idea (read more) but it adds variety to what you pick. Instead of reading any Contemporary, this gets you to mix-it up. There are so many sub-genres within Contemporary that I want to encourage people to try more of them. This is a good place for those who already read a lot of Contemporary.

I don’t think that I have read a lot Contemporary YA. Most of the time I’m hooked with Paranormal YA or Dystopian YA (I have a thing for guys with fang and those who try to save the world). I pick the first challenge: read more Contemporary YA! I will try to read at least two Contemporary YA a month.

Books must be read between January 1, 2012 and December 31st 2012. Any Contemporary YA book will count toward this challenge regardless of publication date. How fun is that?! :)

I’ll keep you updated on this challenge! Anyone interested or have joined me in this challenge? :)


  1. Yay!! :D I'm SO excited to see you participating!! :) YAY for reading more Contemporary! :D

    1. I'm simply psyched to do this! Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge Ashley! You rock! Yay for contemporary! <3

  2. *cheers* Go, Hilda, go! :) That's so cool that you're participating in this challenge, Hilda! I've always needed to get more caught up on how many contemporary books I read too, so I'll definitely be cheering you for that one! Hopefully you can read enough for the both of us LOL! ;)

    Good luck with the reading challenge, Hilda! It always makes me smile when people participate in them because it's a great way to inspire you to reach your reading goals! :) <3

    1. Awwww you make me blushing, Mimi! I guess I'm just far too ambitious! I don't even know whether I could reach the goal. I wish your cheering could make me last enough to reach these goals LOL! :P

      It'd be great if someday you also join in reading challenge Mimi! I bet you'd have great fun too! Let's inspire the world together haha! :D


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