Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: First Date by Krista McGee

It’s a peaceful, normal day when Addy Davidson is called by her headmaster. She is about to get one of the biggest shocks in her life. Addy is a model student, the straight-A girl from a Christian school whose only dream is to go to an Ivy League school. Having a chance to compete in a reality show has never crossed her mind before. Especially when the prize of the reality show is being the President’s son’s prom date!

Addy has no desire to participate. She finally agrees when his uncle states that God may have other plan for her. The first thing in her mind is to get kicked out of the show as soon as possible though. She is the ninety-seventh contestant called to get a shot of her being welcomed by First Son to her new house, The Mansion. Addy knows from the information packet that only thirty girls will be chosen from the initial one hundred, and she is determined to be in the majority.

Addy marched back to the bus, then walked over to the president’s son and shook his hand. “Hello, Jonathon. My name is Addy Davidson. I have no desire to be part of this ‘competition,’ and I suggest my name be the very first you take off the list.”

It’s a good luck, or bad luck for Addy, that America loves that attitude. They start cheering for Addy and that makes other girls angry. It’s also not easy to play difficult in front of the First Son, Jonathon Jackson. It’s even harder to speak something smart, or even think a coherent thought when she is looking at his eyes. His perfect teeth. His masculine scent. Jonathon Jackson is the best-looking Addy has ever seen, and it doesn’t make anything simpler.

Addy will have to stop being stubborn, or she will lose her only friend in this competiton, the president’s son who seems attracted to her, and her composure state. She has to learn to accept and forgive the death of her parents, and accept that maybe God has other plan to her…

First Date is a light read and I liked it. This is a Christian YA but it’s not overly infused with Christian belief. I think you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not a Christian. Addy is a wonderful character and I really like her. She’s really nice and she has strong faith to God. Jonathon is also a loveable character. He’s very kind to other girls, and even when Addy is being difficult, Jonathon is nothing but patient. He’s a portrait of perfect First Son. Kara may be my favorite character here aside from Jonathon. She’s full of life and fun. I won’t mind to have her as my bestfriend. However, this book is too fast-paced for me and sometimes I don’t quiet grasp the animosity in some scenes in the books. I love the characters and the ending though. Very sweet and cute, just my taste!

This reality show doesn’t only change Addy’s life, but also her view of things. She learns to forgive and love her enemies. Because love is the answer, not hate.

Special recommendation for Christian moms. I really think that this book is a perfect gift to a young girl struggling with her growing-up. This book is a very clean one, there’s no any sexual things or cursing act. You have my promise that this book is very safe if you want to buy it for your daughter. :)

The roar of the paparazzi soon replaced that sound and Addy was again assaulted for information, pictures, and guesses about what was next. She pushed her way through the crowd of lights and cameras, groaning. How many hours until she’d be free from this picturesque prison?

I rate this book:

Three cups of tea! Like it, but doesn’t give me much impression. Recommended to read in spare time.


  1. I loved your review of this book! I've been wanting to read this book but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the great review!
    I'm a new follower!

    1. Thank you Tabitha! I think you'll like this book, can't wait to read your review on it! :) Thanks for following anyway, you're awesome! <3

  2. I have now added this book to my pile of to-be-reads!

    I am a new follower, found you on Book Blogs

    1. Thank you ClaireLouise! Can't wait to hear your review on this book! <3

      Thanks for following, it means a lot! Sure, I'll check your blog! :)


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