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Interview and Giveaway: Charming by Susie Kaye Lopez

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome Susie Kaye Lopez in my blog. I read Susie's debut book, Charming, last year and completely hooked! The story is simple yet very romantic and engaging. Full review will be posted on Saturday!
 The interview
Charming is your debut novel (YAY!). Tell us, how did it feel when you read the first book review on Charming?

Reviews are interesting. My very first review was very positive, and it made me smile all day long! Luckily, nearly all my reviews have been good ones. It makes me so happy when readers take the time to let me know they enjoyed Charming and Sophie's story.

Where and how did you get the muse to write Charming?

Hard as it may be to believe, Charming was inspired by a real life experience. My daughter Morgan was having brunch with friends in San Francisco when a woman approached her and told her she had a spirit guide beside her. Thinking the lady was making it up, she forgot all about it until two weeks later. She was out in Los Angeles when another woman came up to her with the same message, there was a spirit present by her side. I decided it would make a great plot for a novel!

That's super cool! I think the answer is obvious, but which character gets the most of your soul?

That would definitely be Sophie. I spent a year telling a story through her, and it would be impossible for me not to have given her a piece of my heart and soul.

In Charming, we get to see Sophie meeting psychics that give her valuable information along the book. Have you ever meet a psychic and
get your future read?

No, but I would love to visit a psychic one day

What book has made you wish you were the one who wrote it?

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. I'm sure this isn't an original answer, but those books inspired me to write my own paranormal romance tale.

Twilight sure has its magic! What has been your best moment being an author so far?

My best moment as an author has to be when I saw the finished cover. It finally sunk in that I was a published author, and made it all feel real!

Imagination-escape round!
If you were a Greek Goddess, who do you think you would be?

I would be Psyche, Goddess of the Soul. She married Eros, the God of Love, and their myth is how the soul and love came together. I write about and believe in soul mates, so it's perfect!

You could ask for one thing in life, and it’s ANYTHING. What would you like to ask?

To have one of my books made into a movie!

It’s a beautiful and pleasant day like every day. Suddenly, your parents tell you that you’re not human (surprise!). What creature would you be?

Witch, but a good witch who uses her powers for good.

If you could live in a different time in history, what time would you pick?

I'd like to have been a teenager in the 1950s, complete with a poodle skirt and saddle shoes.

GOSH, that's Robert Pattinson in your picture!! Yes, REAL Rob! Wow, how did you get to meet him?? *me trying to find a way to stalk him*

How did I meet Rob? My daughter Megan knows him. Megan's boyfriend is the Bass guitarist for the Sam Bradley band. Sam Bradley and Rob are childhood best friends. The night I met him he was backstage after one of their LA concerts. He was really friendly and very gracious about taking this picture. I had finished Charming a day or two before so it was quite an amazing week for me! When I met him I was thrilled! I just said hello and "I'm going to embarrass my kids right now" and made my entire family take a photo with him! My daughter looked at Rob and said, "sorry about my mom" and he smiled and said that's okay! That picture was our Christmas card that year!

Oh wow, that's super lucky of you! Maybe we can picture Rob as Charming now! Thank you so much for taking your time doing the interview, Susie! Susie's next book, The Saddest Song, will come out this Summer! It is the story of a girl who loses her boyfriend in an accident and how she and his family learn to live without him. While it is not a sequel, all the characters from Charming are in it and we get to see Sophie and Charming in some special moments. Don't worry, you can still read the book even though you haven't read Charming yet!

A little bit about Susie: 
Susie Kaye Lopez lives in San Diego, Ca. with her husband, three children, two chihuahuas, and her fifteen year old cat. Susie's interests include reading, music, shopping, and a healthy obsession with all things "Twilight". "Charming" is her first novel.  

Grab your copy of Charming!
from Goodreads: Three psychics in two countries with the same message can't be wrong, can they? Sophie Lancaster is about to find out.

Going off to college is stressful enough without throwing in the revelation that someone has been watching you your entire life. This is Sophie's reality when she is informed that her soul mate from a former lifetime is by her side. A practical skeptic when it comes to love, Sophie refuses to believe this could be true. However, as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, she finds it is becoming impossible to deny.

It is not until Sophie meets her soul mate in a dream and recognizes him immediately that she surrenders to the truth. He is the boy she has been sketching her entire life, the one she calls Charming. Suddenly in the midst of her own fairytale, Sophie soon finds herself in an impossible love that she'd do anything to keep. But are the soul mates destined to live their life together only in dreams?

And now, super amazing Susie is giving away three ecopies of her book, Charming! It's international so everyone can enter for a chance to win her amazing book!

This is my fist time doing the giveaway with Rafflecopter, so if there's something that doesn't work, please let me know! :) 

Opens until March 31. Winners will be notified via email. Good luck to all of you! :)

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  1. Ohh, the soul mates from a previous life thing reminds me a little of Shattered Souls which is a very VERY good thing!
    and I just love that Susie would be a white witch if she could! I'd always go for something physically strong, like vampires.
    Awesome interview, ladies, and thank you so much for the giveaway.

  2. Awww, I LOVE meeting new debut authors that I haven't heard of before! And now that I've met Susie, I can't believe I haven't before -- her book sounds so sweet! Seeing the final cover would definitely be one of those shocking "This is really happening!!" moments! And the cover for Charming is BEAUTIFUL. :) And I would choose to be a good witch too, because it's awesomeness without blood-drinking or excess hair LOL! ;)

    Such a fun & sweet & awesome interview, you two! ♥ Going to go add Charming to my TBR pile now for sure! :)

    P.S. You met Robert Pattinson??? That is so cool!! :D

  3. Awesome interview you two! I always love discovering new reads and Charming sounds like my type of book! I love Susie's answer about wanting to be a witch. If I couldn't be human, I would want to be a witch too! :)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  4. Great interview Hilda! I especially liked the Imagination Escape Round =) I'd never heard of Susie or her book Charming before now. Her book reminds me of Elixir by Hilary Duff. I'll have to check it out!

  5. Great interview!! I just entered the giveaway contest so here's my comment!!

  6. Great interview and interesting book!

  7. Thank you so much for the giveaway!! Great Interview!! Definitely adding Charming to me TBR wishlist!!!

  8. Ooops meant to finish that with

    Brianne @

  9. Wow, fabulous interview, Hilda! I love how Susie looked up to Twilight for her book. Twilight doesn't get enough credit. And Susie's love for the myth of Psyche and Eros? Totally great! One of my favorite myths as well. <3 OH, and the story of meeting Rob?! Ah!! So awesome!! :D

  10. Now i'm very interested to read the book.
    I think i'm gonna love the story a lot.
    And very nice interview!!


    Found you on Book your blog design.


    Silver's Reviews

  12. Awesome interview and review, Hilda! I definitely need something light to read! CHARMING sounds like something I'll enjoy at the moment xD And woww, it's so cool that Susie got a picture with Rob Pattinson! Right after finishing with Charming. Talk about an amazing week! <3 Thanks for the giveaway as well. This is great!

  13. Thanks for the awesome interview and giveaway! Charming sounds fantastic! :))

  14. it has my attention....sounds great.

    caden at

  15. thank you for the great book giveaway


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