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Review: Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

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My girl,

Happy 17th birthday. I wish I could be there with you, but I think if you ar reading this...I am not. For that, I am sorry. The day your dad and I found out we were going to have a baby was the happiest day of my long life. I know the only day that will exceed that joy will be the day you are born - no matter how that day ends.
A big decision lies ahead. The burden of the covenant is a heavy one to bear. Choose with your heart, for I already know that you, my girl, must let your heart guide the way.
I love you. Please forgive me.


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My review:

3.5 stars

Unlike other teenagers, Violet Eden is not that excited to celebrate her birthday. Her mother was died the day she was born, and she was raised alone by her busy father. Violet’s life is pretty simple and she likes to keep it that way. Never crossed her mind that she has essence of angel and she is expected to fight fallen angels with the rest of her kind.

Violet refuses her destiny. She has her future mapped and she doesn’t want this shocking revelation changes her life permanently. But running away means letting the one she loves die. Will Violet embrace her destiny, even if it means sacrificing her old life?

Embrace is action packed and I can feel the tension in the book during fighting scenes. This is a complex story full of surprising turn of events. I also admire the writing, it’s really beautiful.

Violet is not a flawless character and I must say that there are many times when I’m not exactly agree with her decisions. It’s not easy to connect with her character at first but after reading the first half of the book, I understand her clearly and it’s easier to feel sympathetic toward her. I admire Violet’s strength and determination, how she has to feel in control of everything.

Oh, and the love triangle! I like the love triangle, it’s really hard to root just for one guy only. I don’t think that I’ll be able to pick! In one side, Lincoln is protective, amazingly strong, and unbelievably cute. On the other side, Phoenix is the dangerous guy whom you’ll fall for even though you know you shouldn’t. Both of them have their own ‘forbidden love’ part. My heart jumps from one guy to the other, and I still don’t know which team I’m on in the end!

Embrace is unlike other angel books. If you’re looking for original story, full of action with a twist of romance, this book is for you!

I watched Lincoln loading food into a basket, after first studying the nutrition table on the back of every package. All except my favourite chocolate biscuits – he threw those in without a second glance. I took a breath for gumption and knocked on the glass, feeling a more nauseating version of the excitement I always felt in anticipation of seeing him. He turned, already smiling, as if he knew without looking that it was me, and despite my preparations my breath caught and my stomach fluttered in a specific salute reserved solely for him. You’d think that after looking at his face almost every day for nearly two years I’d be better at handling it. Nope.

Since my Teaser Tuesday is Phoenix’s hotness, I guess it’s just fair that I throw in some Lincoln’s cuteness in my review. :) 

I rated this book:

Three cups of tea. Like it, but doesn’t give me much impression. Recommended to read in spare time.



  1. I got 1/3 into this book and stopped because it was driving me crazy. I spoiled myself for the rest of the story and needless to say, I wasn't too keen on picking it back up. I can see why people like it but it had too many problems for me to actually enjoy it. It's such a shame because I was really looking forward to this book! Great review, Hilda!

    1. I got what you mean, Elena. There were times when I just wanted to skim the rest of the book too. It took me quite a long time to finish Embrace, mainly because of my lack of interest in the first half of the book. Thank you, Elena! :)

  2. I'm not usually a fan of love triangles but if you thought it was likable then I am willing to pick this up! The description for this book is what drew me to it in the first place and now after reading your review, I am extra excited to get stuck into it soon. Awesome job, Hilda!

    1. The love triangle is lovely, and I can promise you that the guys in Embrace are lovelies! Too bad this book doesn't really work for me even though there are some elements, like the writing, which I adore from this book. I can't wait your thought on this book later, Sam! :)

  3. Fun review! I enjoyed this book a lot. I hope Lincoln insists on taking part more in the future, although I can't help wanting to see Pheonix again! And really... Violet made so many big decisions... there's a LOT of story left. I can't wait for the next book!!!

    1. Thank you, Laura! There are so many story that hasn't been revealed yet. Maybe I'll pick the second book too! I'm hoping to see more Pheonix and Lincoln since their love triangle is one of the most favorite part in this book LOL! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Hilda, I felt the exact same way about Violet! She was far from a perfect character and I wanted to shake her by the shoulders many times, but I think that's what made her such a real character that was easier to connect with, especially at the end. And I was so torn up between both boys too! I think Lincoln only won out by a little because his relationship with Violet felt so much sweeter! <3

    Amazingly beautiful and honest review, Hilda! Even though it didn't completely blow you away, this makes me want to go back and re-read my copy of Embrace! :)

    1. I also want to shake some senses to her, Mimi! I guess her lack of perfection is one of the most things that make people love this book. I sooo agree that Lincoln's relationship with Violet is so sweet, it's just very lovely how protective he is to Violet! :)

      Awwh, thank you so much, Mimi! I'm a little disappointed that I don't fall over heels about this book, but I'm so glad you love this book! Can't wait to read your review of the second book when it comes out! <3

  5. I have been hopping around reading the mass reviews for this. There are a lot of mixed feelings for embrace. Thanks for the review.
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

    1. Thank you, Steph! It's so lovely of you to drop by all the blogs participating! <3

  6. I need to read this book! I very, very picky about angel books. But this one sounds awesome! Love triangles are fun when handled well. Especially when they are two equally amazing guys, haha. Thanks so much for the great review and the link to the giveaway :D

    1. I'm quite picky about angel books too LOL! Some love triangles are fun only when they're done well! Otherwise, it'd be just plain annoying. :P Thank you so much, Ajoop! :)


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