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Monday Muse: The Arts and Fashion on Fire

Hello there! Welcome back on the final edition of Hunger Games madness  in Monday Muse. This series of post is purely intended to cause agitation among lovely Hunger Games Tributes. I believe that most of you have watched Hunger Games movie and just like me, you broke up in tears when the movie has just started for about ten minutes. What? You didn't? Seriously, girl, what is wrong with you? (If you are a guy, you're just slightly forgiven!)

Well, as you can see, the previous posts are about Capitol fashion and Hunger Games ID card. I was thinking to do a review for the movie but my blogger friends have done super-awesome-asdfghjkl review on it already.So in this post, I'm going to highlight awesome things that Tributes create to show their love to Hunger Games, and fashion for the Hunger Games Tributes! 

I'm terribly sorry that I forget the exact urls where I found some of the brilliant arts. None of these arts are mine and they belong to their respective owners.

Found here. The detention didn't happen for real. He (Timothy) did this as an April's Fool joke. :)

Found in Tumblr. One of my favorite Hunger Games arts!


Found here. The girl is not my version of Annie but oh my goodness the quote breaks my heart.

Found in Tumblr. The artist tries her best to be as accurate as possible. :)

Now, my favorite... fashion of the Tributes! Pictures are taken from here, but the comments are purely my thoughts. :)

District 1. LUXURY. I guess mink coat screams luxury (and cruelity) indeed.

District 2. MASONRY. Err, gladiator is NOT masonry as far as I know...

District 3. TECHNOLOGY. This is my district according to Hunger Games ID Card, so I won't say much. My only hope is the fancy headdress can electrocute too.
District 4. FISHING. Finnick's district! The male tribute is kind of cute and I wonder whether all District 4 guys are blessed with angelic faces.
District 5. POWER. Oh my gosh they look like parabolic antenna!
District 6. TRANSPORTATION. Can anyone tell me how transportation - car, ship, plane - in any way have connection with the crescent moon phase? Does Capitol want to go to Moon or what?
District 7. LUMBER. The designer is highly skilled in origami, I can tell.
District 8. TEXTILES. So it's proved that having too many textiles in hand will make your sense of fashion numb.
District 9. GRAIN. I must admit that I know nothing about this district, so let's pass this. Sorry, District 9.
District 10. COWBOY. Err sorry. I mean RODEO ehhh LIVESTOCK! :P
District 11. AGRICULTURE. Rue! The startling blue clothes she wears here look like the gown she wears when she's in her interview with Caesar. :)
District 12. MINING. Need I say more? THAT'S FASHION.

And that's the final of Hunger Games post series in Monday Muse! I might post some Hunger Games news again in this meme when I have more amazing things to share. I will try to restrain posting too much Hunger Games thing from now though, because I don't want to bore you guys with my Hunger Games rambling! x)

What do you think about the amazing arts and the Tributes fashion? :)


  1. "(If you are a guy, you're just slightly forgiven!)" <-- LOL!!! Ohhhh, Hilda, sometimes you just make my cheeks split with smiles! x') <3

    And I was really tempted to quote every single thing in your post that made me grin like crazy, but this comment would get super long super fast! Your commentary on all the choices for the district fashions was especially hilarious, but then I wouldn't get to mention how EPIC that detention slip was. When Effie said that in the movie, my cousin and I just burst out laughing -- it was one of my favourite parts!

    Note to self: Stop by Hilda's blog every morning before I go to school, because then I'm bound to leave with a smile on my face :) <3 Hope your Monday rocks your socks off, Hilda!

    1. LOL I'm so glad that you enjoyed this post, Mimi! Aww, I hope you know that I'm blushing when I read your lovely comment! You're very sweet, Mimi! ♥ I can't even be more agree with you - the detention slip is truly EPIC! I can't believe that I haven't thought about the mahogany joke earlier! I laughed when I watched that part in the movie too! Effie's line is just HILARIOUS! xD

      You're such an amazing person, Mimi! I really enjoyed reading your long and thoughtful comment, and you're especially sweet! x) Hopefully you had a lovely Monday! <3

  2. so fun
    and all the comments of the fashion ha ha
    brightens my day

    awesome hilda

    1. Thanks, Roro! I'm sooo happy that this post can brighten your day! :D You're awesome too! ;)

  3. The girl isn't my version of Annie either (she looks very delicate in my mind) but I really like the idea of the YT series. Finnick and Annie are so heartbreaking, my precious sea-fearing couple! Ooh thanks for showing the costumes, I haven't seen them before and I was wondering what the rest of the tributes' costumes were. Poor District 8, they definitely got the short end of the stick. Such a fun post, thanks Hilda!

    1. Annie in my mind is a fragile-looking girl with wild eyes and otherworldly beauty. I haven't seen the YT version yet, but I'll definitely check it! They're my favorite couple, aside from the obvious! :) I think I can do much better than the designer of District 8 LOL. :P Glad you enjoyed it, Elena! ♥

  4. The fashion is crazy but I sort of want my own of each outfit! District 10's get up is just hilarious! :D I still want it though. ;) District 8 and 2 look pretty ridiculous too. :D

    Thanks for sharing this Hilda! Even after the movie you manage to keep my excitement going. ;)

    1. HOWDY, Sam! I didn't know that you have a thing for cowboy LOL! x) I want District 12's clothes, of course! That's my idea of fashion! I kind of want District 2's clothes too! Wait, I think I mistake the clothes with the the actor (hello, Alexander Ludwig!!). :P

      You know, Sam, it's kind of my job LOL! Yay for Hunger Games euphoria! :D

  5. That detention slip is hilarious! I wish I had thought of such a great April Fools!

    Your going to yell at me, but I haven't actually seen the movie yet *goes and hides in corner* So at first I thought all of those fashion pictures were a joke! I can't get over some of them. There CRAZY!! LoL =)

    1. Oh, how much I wish I could think something as clever as it, Amanda! It's just EPIC! x)

      I don't want to yell at you, but well... PLEASE WATCH IT NOW! LOL it's like a crime if you haven't watched it yet! :P I know, the clothes are insane! :D

  6. Wow, great post! LOL I still haven't watched The Hunger Games (it will be out in two weeks! *fangirls*), but I'm THRILLED to see it. I read the books not too long ago, and boy, am I grateful that I did. Now I know the movie will be more than amazing.

    The pic about all the characters and the things that represent them is very cute! ♥

    Have a great Tuesday, Hilda!~ ♥

    1. Yay, I hope you will watch it soon, Sophie! It's AMAZING that you're thrilled to see Hunger Games! The movie is pure AWESOMENESS, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much I did! <3

      I hope you had a lovely week, Sophie! <3

  7. HAHAHAHA This was so great, Hilda! I loved the detention slip! So funny! And the commentary on the fashion, haha. I can't wait to see Finnick in the next movie! I hope he meets my (sky high) expectations :D The pictures with the quote about Finnick and Annie broke my heart.

    I'm glad I definitely wasn't the only one sobbing ten minutes into the movie itself!!! The theatre I went to was empty-ish and it was just me crying like a baby when 1) Peeta says his mom believed District 12 would finally have a winner and she didn't mean him (This didn't affect me THAT much in the book but somehow the way he said it + their awesome acting, it brought on the waterworks) and 2) of course, the obvious scene :(

    Yay for all the Hunger Games love! AMAZING POST, Hilda!!! :D

    1. Oh my Finnick, I don't know whether the actor can show every bit and pieces of his awesomeness! I hope that the scene when he eats sugar (sugar! I'm a big fan of sugar cube now, for obvious reasons haha) can be done just like my imagination: playful, confusing, and funny in the same time LOL! x)

      I'm just glad that my friends didn't find out that I was crying, or they would tease me forever LOL!! Josh Hutcherson is a very talented actor, I felt like crying when I saw that scene too! I didn't mean to cry... but well, how could you not?

      Thank youuu, Ajooop! You're such a wonderful person!! Your comment seriously make me smile like crazy! <3<3<3

  8. LOVE THOSE GORGEOUS PICS, Hilda! ♥ THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post makes me want to watch the movie AGAIN and AGAIN.

    Absolutely can't wait for Catching Fire's movie and hope you have a nice day, Hilda! ♥

    1. THANK YOUUUUU, Celline!! ♥ I keep having feeling that I want to watch and watch Hunger Games until I can memorize every single movement, expression, and dialogues of the character LOL! *me being obsessed*

      Catching Fire!! I hope they'll do amazing job on it! x) Have a nice day for you too, Celline!! ♥♥

  9. Oh my gosh! I love those graphics of Finnick/Annie love. Out of all of the books I adored Finnick the most and his story was so heartbreaking to me. I just fell in love with the coupling and his storyline. I also loved the pictures of the district fashion even though several of them didn’t make sense to me (silly designers!)

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

    1. Finnick's story makes my heart ache for him! I just love him so much - he's perfect in my opinion! Oh, can he be real please? :P Well, I guess there's nothing ridiculous enough for the Capitol citizens! xD

  10. It was hard to see all the fashions in the movie, so it was really fun to see them all here! There are some CRAZY designs! Great post!


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