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Review: Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer

Get smart. Get everything.
Three best friends Gigi, Bea, and Neerja thought that high school is nothing. When they get into one of Ivy League colleges, they would have anything they want: the cute boys, the grades, and the happy-ever-after. Who needs high school when they can have Ivy League college waiting?

But when the girls see the empty yearbook of Neerja's genius older sister, Parad, a bunch of questions about success versus happiness raised up. Now it's their mission to ensure they got everything they deserved from high school, whether that was grades, fame, guys, a totally full yearbook. After all, if they were supposedly so smart, this should have been a piece of cake... right?

Oh my goodness. I think this book might be one of the most brilliant contemporaries ever. Plus, it has such amazing title that I want to put it on my shirt! I love this book so much to the point I want to marry it. Er… figure of speech.

This book is unlike any other contemporaries I’ve ever read! It’s witty, funny, adorable, romantic, and so smart! If you multiply each good point I mentioned one hundred times, then you finally get the result: this book!

Gigi is my newest favorite heroine. She’s super smart, beautiful, and funny. She’s just what I need after reading too much self-proclaimed smart heroines who keep making reckless choices. I really like Gigi because she’s very relatable. The friendship she has with Neerja and Bea is very adorable too. They are clearly best friends for life! I’m the happiest person when Gigi learns to speak up in public. When she still runs for student representative although it means she has to become opponent with her crush Will, I was so proud of Gigi!

Now, Mike. Mike is the guy who gets involved with Gigi in cheating scandal. At first, I thought he is just like other jocks. But then I see the other side of him, and I fell in love. Mike is smart, funny, protective, and sweet beyond words. I swooned every time he appeared. I rooted for Will at first, but afterward, my heart belongs to Mike and his brilliant mind.

I don’t think I can recommend enough of Smart Girls Get What They Want. Fans of contemporary would heart this book, but I think anyone with love of books would find this book very entertaining. I know that this is hardly a review, more likely a gushing, but when you love a book too much… you can’t help it, right? ;)

“Dude,” Bea said. “So true. I say we go for it. Ski team. Student rep. The play. Gigi’s right. Let’s not think and, for once, just do.”

We squeezed our hands together. We could do this. We had to. Because high school only comes around once, and I would hate to look back and think I didn’t make the most of every moment because I was scared of what other people thought. Other people never think that much about you anyway.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that.

 I rate this book:
 Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Hilda and I ADORE that you wrote a gushing review for it <3 The title is totally awesome, if only... I love contemporaries and this looks like an adorable read that I'd totally enjoy <3 And I have a soft spot for guys who have a sweet, protective side so I think I'll fall for Mike like you did ;)

    Adorable review, Hilda <3

  2. This sounds great, I've seen a few mentions of it lately and I'm definitely excited to read it, it seems like exactly my kind of thing.

  3. Hooray for the smart girls who don't do silly things for no reason! I wish this book had come out when I was at school. I would have filled up my yearbook too.

  4. Aaaw, awesome review beyond words, Hilda sweets! I've had my eye on this ever since I saw it on goodreads. The title was the first thing that caught my attention, because, it's, like SO true :P, and the blurb and premise of the book held my attention. I'm so happy there's a book prominently featuring smart girls! <333 And I really need a book like this right now, because I'm in high school, and this seems perfect and totally relatable. High school is hard! I've been getting really into Contemporary books recently, so I bet this on will be yet another to add to my 'Awesome YA Contemps. For 2012" list! XD I LOVE and adore your gushing review of this, Hilda! Now I am 100 percent-scratch that-110 PERCENT sure that I'm going to love this. Thanks for this amazing review, Hilda sweetie!!!! :')

  5. Great review, Hilda! I'm glad you enjoyed this so much! I love the sound of it. It seems like a lot of fun and it's good to hear the characters were easy to like. Plus that teaser at the end of your review is a great one! The title is definitely t-shirt worthy too. ;)

  6. OMG ! This book sounds soo cute ! <3
    It seems like you really enjoyed the premise and the characters. I can't wait to meet them myself ! :)
    Plus, a book about smart girls should be awesome, right ? ;)
    I love the review, Hilda !

  7. This sounds like SUCH a cute book! My friend sent me her copy of this and now I can't wait to read. I love that it's so witty and the characters are darling. Fab review!

  8. HILDA!! I spent a good five minutes giggling internally and externally about this cover -- that's so cute, and so true! (Or at least it should be, speaking as a girl who hopes she's smart enough to qualify as a "smart girl" LOL.) I think you're the one who showed me this book before somehow, so it's only natural that you're the one to write an epic review for it that makes me want to pick it up! One of the most brilliant contemporaries ever? YES PLEASE!

    Amazing review, Hildaaaa-sweetie! <3 I'm not usually a contemporary fan, but I have a feeling that I'm going to heart this book too! :')

  9. Hilda, you have convinced me to read this book!!! I've heard a lot of people gushing about this book but wasn't interested at all UNTIL NOW! I absolutely love that feeling when you can't even put into words how much you enjoyed a book. I can tell you really loved this one and now I want to read it too! =) Thanks for the awesome review/gushing ;)

  10. The way you described why you love this book in total, reminded me of the exact reasons i love the ivy series by lauren kunze (its the best contemporary series ever!)
    Wonderful review!!!!!! I'm so want to meet Gigi, Mike and the other awesome characters! i love how simple and gushy this wonderful review is!!!!!! Have an awesome weekend Hilda!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This book sounds hilarious and the title... I can't decide whether I should laugh my arse off or swoon in happiness. Your review is BRILLIANT! Definitely planning on reading this soon and getting caught up in this smart, adorable, and romantic story. :) It actually remindes me a lot of another book I was planning to read- Adorkable by Sarah Manning. Have you ever read it, Hilda?

    1. I haven't read Adorkable yet, but I heard many good things about it! It seems like just the title suggests: dorky in adorable way! x) Definitely worth a run to bookstore later! ;) I'm going to look out for your review, Leanne! <3

  12. Haha, I love your gushing! Even though it's gushy, its still convincing to just run to the bookstore and get the book myself! Your review was great and I went over to read the synopsis and I have to say that facing your fears feal a key role and its sounds wondeful, just because they are facing their fears head strong.

    And the characters sound wondeful as well! Thanks, Hilda! You're an awesome reviewer, even with your gushing! XD

  13. You're so right, the title of this IS something you would put on a shirt! Haha, it's AMAZING.<3<3

    "It’s witty, funny, adorable, romantic, and so smart" Ummmm... Why haven't I read this yet?! Gigi sounds like such a fun character, and a perfect friend. And I need to lust over Mike with you!

    Wonderful review, Hilda. I love your blog so much.<3

  14. Haha. Loved the quote :D this sounds like such a fun and adorable book, Hilda!! I can't wait to meet Gigi and her friends. I especially love what you said about how this wasn't another book about a smart girl making stupid choices! Yay. thanks for your awesomely gushy review. I NEED to read this asap :D

  15. Hilda, this looks like so much fun! I really would love a t-shirt with that title on it! Now I'm wondering who Gigi's love interest is though, Mike or Will? Is this a love triangle? Great review Hilda. :)

  16. Glad you enjoyed this one so much Hilda. Fantastic review, it's very hard not to just gush when you love a book so much :)

  17. HOW I LOVE THE TITLE! I have to admit, I haven't seen much of the book before but after reading your review, I think I NEED to read this book! I love contemporary novels so this sounds like a perfect read for me! Love the quotes you used on your review too :)

    Awesome review, Hilda! ♥ So glad you enjoyed it!

  18. Oh my gosh, this sounds soooo adorable! I absolutely LOVE the title and I so agree about wanting to get it printed on my shirt x) And Gigi (her name always makes me smile!) sounds like the perfect protagonist! She's smart and she actually acts smart? Girl, I'm so there. Plus, Mike and Will sound so sweet and charming and definitely swoon-worthy! :P FABULOUS review! <3 I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for this now!

  19. I am so glad you loved this, Hilda! Gigi sounds like an awesome girls and I can't wait to get to know her. I have a copy, I just need to make time to read it :)

  20. This looks really good! Great review, I love the sound of this, especially the cover, haha :D
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming by 201st follower - YAY! :D x

  21. Gosh, this sounds AMAZING!! I'm not one to usually pick up contemporaries, to be honest, but you've got me totally sold on this one!

    Book: "Oh Hilda, please marry me!!" XD

    This is a fabulous review, and this book sounds so good! I really like that the topic is a slightly different angle of viewing high's got this nice twist to it, and the characters sound fantastic as well! <3

    -runs off to check it out on Goodreads- Thanks for sharing it with us, Hilda!

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  22. Aw, it's fun to see gushing reviews sometimes! It makes me smile that someone loved a book that much. I'm glad we finally get a smart heroine that really DOES make good decisions, and I like friendship books that aren't about the "dark" side of being friends with someone.


  23. Finally a heroine who doesn't just claim to be smart and likable! I think I want to meet this Gigi! I love that you enjoyed this book as much as you did and I had so much fun reading yoiur enthusiastic review!
    I think I want to read this. It sounds very cute.


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