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Review: The White Lilac by Christina J. Adams

3.5 stars

Love the opening of this book! This is the kind of book that starts with a bang. Caryn, the heroine of this book, has to win a competition to become The White Lilac. In general, The White Lilac’s job is to gather the cure to save humanity and they will sacrifice themselves in the process. When Caryn wins the competition, she is offered to have three free days out in the city. Caryn has been living in laboratory all her life, so she’s very excited to go see things. She’s allowed to spend these three days in any way she likes with a companion, and she chooses Kai.

Kai isn’t supposed to be in the same room with Caryn when she chooses him. He has to get Beta-Earth’s ruby in few days or he may never see the sun anymore. Caryn promises him a ruby if he agrees to accompany her exploring the city. Both are soon to uncover the conspiracy behind the cure and the lab Caryn has always trusted before.

I think the setting of this book is very fascinating. I haven’t read many science fictions so I’m really glad that I read this book. I like the relationship between Caryn and Kai and how easy conversations flowing between them. Their friendship seems very genuine and it’s wonderful to see Caryn and Kai care for each other as friends first. I was surprised by how little romance in the story, reminded me of the kind I usually see in Middle Grade books. Thankfully, the little portion of romance works for this book.

Some grammar errors and typos dampened my reading experience a bit. Run-on sentences annoyed me and I think an editor would help a lot in this case. The first few chapters of this book are flawless so I was disappointed to see more and more spelling and grammar errors as I flipped through the pages. This book has promise and thorough editing would polish this book into something brighter. In overall, The White Lilac is a fun read and I think Sci-fi lovers would have great time reading this book!

For the first time I begin to doubt that I can win. How can I make it a second longer? The ceiling lights dance on the surface above and want to pull me up to them. I have to think of something, anything to distract myself. Anderson’s last words to me come back.

“You were born for this.”

I rate this book: 
 Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation


  1. I like the sound of this book. Science fiction is a genre with huge possibilities ! :)
    It's really too bad about the grammar and typos though. That's one thing I can't stand when reading some self-pub books.
    Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the book overall, Hilda !
    Great review ! <3

  2. Lovely review, Hilda! Hope you're feeling better! <3
    I have a bit of a major pet-peeve for spelling/grammar errors as well :/
    still, this sounds like a good book..and the cover reminds me of Lies Beneath O_O Not much of a sci-fi person though, but I still enjoyed reading your review ^_^

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  3. Eck. I'm not into science fiction but the premise sounds fascinating with the idea of The White Lilac. Typos/grammar errors ruin the book for me but when the plot is amazingtastic, sometimes, it doesn't matter! Glad you liked it, Hilda! And sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you've recovered! Missed you on the blogosphere :,)

  4. This sounds interesting! I haven't come across it before but I do like science fiction and it sounds like you really enjoyed this. Typing errors usually go unnoticed by me unless the book is full of them, so I don't think that aspect would be too problematic for me. Great review, Hilda!

    I love the new look around here! Again! All your blog makeovers look fantastic. :D I hope you are feeling well now!

  5. Nice to see you back...sorry you've been sick! Not fun. :(

    Great review. I hadn't heard of this one. Too many errors really can ruin a book experience, but I'm glad the overall story was still a good one. It sounds like a unique premise in certain ways, so that's awesome.


  6. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan in books but this one sounds good. Typos and grammerical errors don't bother me too much, it's the story I'm more concerned. Whether it can hold my attention or not is the most important factor to a story for me. Great review Hilda! :)

  7. O_o I must admit I'm totally intrugued. The plot sounds complicated and slightly intimidating, but in all honesty, I consider that a good thing. I'm kind of tired of overly simplified plots. Anyway, I am a huge sci-fi fan, but there simply aren't enough good sci-fi books around. Hopefully this will satisfy the craving, at least for a while.
    Great review, lovely! Missed you!

  8. Great review! I haven't heard of this one and I don't often read much science fiction but this sounds interesting. The setting does sound creative but the errors in the writing itself is a bit of a disappointment! Thanks for sharing Hilda!

    I hope you are feeling better :-) It's good to have you back to posting.


  9. Yay for a book that starts with a bang! You don't know how many times I've stopped reading a book just because the beginning didn't hook me LOL -- I'm so happy to hear that that isn't the case here! I'm not really a sci-fi girl either, but I've had a lot of look with them lately and this one sounds wonderful too! So wonderful that I think I might be able to look over those typos and run-on sentences, even though I'm a total grammar girl haha :') (Although yo probably can't tell with how much I gush LOL!)

    Amazing review, Hilda! Did you know that love all your reviews? Missed you! :) <3

  10. The cover is really weird but also interesting at the same time. This sounds like a good book to read. I need to check this out.

    Great review! =D

  11. It's a shame about the editing but it's great that you loved the beginning!

    And no need to apologise, lovely! I hope you're feeling better now! xox

  12. I love a book that starts off with a bang! I enjoy sci-fi but haven't heard of this. I think the cover is quite creepy/weird. It does sound like an interesting book, bummer about the editing though.

  13. Glad you enjoyed this book Hilda! I love when books start with a bang and dive right into the action! It's to bad about all the grammar mistakes though, that kind of things really bothers me when I'm reading.

  14. I also dislike run-ons, make it tough to read without thinking. Awesome review Hilda!!!!! I'm glad there are two good main characters that interact well! I'm hope your not sick anymore!!

  15. Fantastic review, Hilda! I'm sorry for the spelling and grammatical errors, as well as the run-on sentences in this, but overall, it definitely sounds like an intricate, interesting sci-fic novel! Will definitely check it out!

    The cover is odd though, isn't it?

  16. Ooo! Don't think I've heard of this book before but it sounds really interesting! And the cover looks cool! I'm sorry about the spelling and grammatical errors but I'm still glad you enjoyed it!

    Awesome review, Hilda! ♥

    PS: Hope you're feeling better now! We definitely missed you! :)

  17. This book sounds really interesting. Its a pity about the editing. I hate when bad editing ruins a good book!

  18. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever read a sci-fi book before! I love watching sci-fi but there's something oddly different about watching and reading something. This book sounds like a mix between a dystopian and a sci fi book which is probably just the thing for me. I don't mind a few typos in books. I often find them in traditionally published books as well.

  19. HI HILDA!! I'm back!!! I missed you, girl!!! :') Awesome review, as usual, sweetie!!! <333 All your reviews are amazing and I LOVE every single one of them. Your enthusiasm, way with words, and just all around awesomeness always shines through. I'm definitely going to pick this one up soon. The quote you included literally gave me goodies!!! <333 Awesome sauce job, Hilda sweets!! XD

  20. You definitely have me interested with this one! I haven't seen it before, but I'm intrigued after your review. The grammar part however and lack of editing sucks though, but I'm glad you enjoyed it even so! I'm gonna have to look into it a bit more, I think! :) Great review.


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