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Review: Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas

Beatrice is a seer with ability to see the future, but lately she keeps having strange dreams. In her dreams, she meets Echo, a beautiful guy who is wearing the clothes of her enemy. Echo is one of the Dreamcatchers, people with ability to shatter another person’s mind with their touch. Echo is her enemy, yet Beatrice feels strangely attracted to him. Her loyalty starts to waver along with Echo’s constant appearance, and when the Dreamcatchers attack, Beatrice needs to decide what she has to do in order to save her city and the citizens.

To tell you the truth, it’s… painful to finish this book. There are things that bug me a lot when I read this book. I’m very, very confused: why don’t they seem to have war strategies prepared ahead? I’m not asking for strategies on Sun Tzu's level, but I just found it very strange that the seers seem to be very eager to throw their lives away. Why don’t they asses their situation calmly and split themselves into groups, instead of running in a big group and try to kill as many as possible without any strategy prepared? The Keeper, the one who controls the city, doesn’t seem to plan any strategy in order to save her seers. I mean, I know that the seers are disposable, but surely it won’t hurt to keep victims in your side as low as possible, right?

Another thing that I found really strange is the fact that Beatrice’s loyalty is toyed between the Keeper, whom she has practically known all her life, and the man whom she has met only in her dreams. Echo might be gorgeous, yes, but it’s not like I would turn my back against my own team because of the guy whom I only meet in my dreams. What does Echo actually do to make Beatrice believe in him? (Aside from being gorgeous, mind you) I just can’t see myself to betray my own city, my own friends, because of things a mysterious guy said in my dreams. I really wish that Echo had brought more evidences to make Beatrice believe in him.

This book is too bizarre for me to truly enjoy and I’m not a fan of the world-building either, so it took me some time to finish it. I admire Beatrice’s strength though, and I really wished that there were a competition to begin with between Echo and Brandon, Beatrice’s best friend. I like Brandon, it seems like he truly cares for Beatrice. Echo is too vague for me to actually feel anything for him, so I can’t say much about him.

I can’t really recommend Luminosity, but I figure that since many of my friends have read this book and enjoyed it, some of you might as well end up liking it. I might be curious enough to pick the sequel though, because I want to see what will happen to Beatrice, Echo, and Brandon. Hopefully we can see more inside Echo’s head in the sequel, and more background story to enhance the story! :)

I am standing on a bridge, gun cradled under my armpit, combat jumpsuit soiled and stained with the grime of the City. The screams of innocent people reverberate from everywhere around me, and I don’t know which way to run. Everyone needs to be saved, and yet, I cannot save everyone. But somehow, the weight of it is on me, and it’s a heavy, suffocating weight. One I don’t want to carry, never wanted to carry, and yet I must.


I rate this book:
Three cups of tea. Not really my cup of tea, but some people might like it.


  1. Hmm I'm torn about reading this one. I feel like I would have the same hang ups as you but the quite sounded pretty good. I often don't understand why the best friend guy never ends up with the girl as well!

  2. I think there have been far too many 2 and 3 star reviews for this book for me to really consider it now. I'm sorry it didn't completely work for you, Hilda! I think I'd also have issues with the lack of logic and Echo's attraction to this guy in her dreams. I'm not a fan of heroines giving up everything or making silly choices because of a love interest. Thanks for your honest thoughts, lovely! I'll skip this one. :)

  3. I feel like this book seemed to have a lot of wasted potential. It's always hardest to rate a book when it has so many logical flaws, but I know the issues you mentioned you had would definitely grate on me as well. Wonderfully written and nicely balanced review, though, Hilda! :)

  4. Eek, Hilda! It's been too long! Your blog's changed since I've last visited. The colors are GORGEOUS. <3 :)

    Oh, it's so sad to hear you didn't like this one, Hilda. I've never heard of it until now, but it doesn't seem like the book for me. I feel like I'd be too frustrated with the characters, especially Beatrice. I think I'l pass on this one. Thanks so much for the helpful and honest review, Hilda! :)

  5. If there's one thing I can't forgive, its's when characters behave irrationally or fail to do the most obvious things. Not having a war strategy neatly falls into that category.
    I'm EXREMELY sensitive about worldbuilding, too, so when you add that to a list of disappointments, I think it's safe to say I won't be reading this.
    Thank you for your honest review, Hilda. I missed you! :)

  6. I'm sure I've heard of this book and it does sound interesting so I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it very much; I really hate it when I don't enjoy a book.

  7. Oh I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this book Hilda, I think that I would have a lot of the same issues that you mentioned with this book too, but thanks for the heads up I don't think I will be giving this book a go now either! :( Also I'm loving your new blog look! It's so pretty! :)

  8. I'm sorry you were disappointed in this one Hilda =( It sounds like a frustrating read to me. I can't believe she would turn on her own people just because of some good looking guy in a dream =P I hate when in books the girl has this awesome guy best friend who is totally in love with her, because stupidly the girl always chooses the mysterious, gorgeous guy instead. It makes me mad! Sorry for the rant... anyways great review!! ;D

  9. Hmm, I haven't seen too many raving reviews for this one, and everything you mentioned would really irk me. The whole thing with the war, it seems so illogical and poorly thought out on the author's part, honestly. My frustration with that alone would probably make me DNF this one. And, um, this creepy romance? It's sounding suspiciously like insta-love, and I can not even begin to express my hate of insta-love. It's just so dumb that Beatrice would turn on everything she knows because of a hot guy. Just no.

    Thanks for such an honest review, Hilda! I think I'll be passing this one up. Thanks for the heads up! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design, the colors are gorgeous! <3

  10. Sorry you didn't enjoy this book Hilda. I doubt I'll pick it up because I haven't seen to many positive reviews for it. Great honest review though.

    And you changed your blog design. I love it!

  11. Hmmm, this might not be something for me. I need a good world-building and I don't like it when girls are willing to betray everyone over a pretty face.. Great review!


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