Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Muse: Series of Quote Images

Hello, and happy Monday! My exam week officially begins today... yay. I have no idea what I have been studying this year... yay. I have pile of books I'm dying to read yet I can't find time to read them... yay. *sigh*

My biggest apologize if I'm late in returning comments or lack of updates in my blog. Exams exams! Hoping for the famous straight A's!

On a brighter note, I'll be as free as a bird in two weeks. So you guys can expect me to roam around your blogs during my three months holiday! Yes, you read it right folks. Three months, wohoo!! There are sooo many things I want to do, but let's save the list for later. ;)

Today it's a series of quote images! With exams and everything, my mind just wander everywhere and I can hardly focus on one thing. I'm so sorry for this yuck-what-does-Hilda-want-to-talk-about-this-is-so-random-and-weird post, but I still hope this can enlighten your day even a bit! :) 

(some are mine but the rest belong to the respective owners ♥) 

1. A picture which reminds me of a book

I just found the graphic above from my long-time forgotten folder. I think I made this last year. The picture reminds me of a book I just finished reading: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie. It's an Adult book so I won't review it here, but trust me: it's really worth your time! It's a very interesting take on arranged marriage. I think I'm going to post my review of this book on Goodreads later this week, so look out for it! x)

2. I ♥ Sarah Dessen's books!

Naah, I think this is going to be a shameless self-promotion post after all LOL. The picture above is also created by me. :) It's a Sarah Dessen's quote from her book, The Truth About Forever. I read it early this year and really loved it. There's something about Sarah Dessen's boys which make them very lovable. They just seem... very real, you know? Anyway, my favorite is Owen from Just Listen. ♥.

3. Adrian Ivashkov (please marry me)

In celebration of The Golden Lily (JUNE!), please welcome one of my biggest fictional crushes: Adrian Ivashkov! Ah, there is no word to tell how much I love him. ♥ And Girls, remember: I may share Peeta, but I don't share Adrian. LOL, no, I'm just kidding. Well, half-joking maybe. ;)

4. Just Old Advertisements...

Hehe, I love the old advertisements above! Sorry, I can't find any advertisement about blogging. I'm sure it's the newest technology. :D

5. Last but not least... please remember! ♥

That's all for this week's post! I hope there is a smile plastered on your face by the time you've finished reading this post! x) 

I hereby challenge you to claim possession of Adrian Ivashkov. If no one raises voice over my claim of Adrian Ivashkov, I pronounce then that he is mine and mine only. Back off sweethearts.

I think it's best for me to end this post before anyone calls a mental institution. I certainly am suffering of delusional case. Be inspiring, stay inspired, and have inspiration! Have a lovely Monday fabulous people! :)


  1. I love how Adrian Ivashkov and Janice from Friends both feature in this post. ;) You're hilarious Hilda... and I love your graphics! My favourite is of course number 3. ;)

    Good luck with your exams, my dear! I'm sure you will get the grades you are aiming for. :)

  2. Awww some awesome quotes Hilda! I especially love the one from Arranged and The Truth about Forever! I have to shamefully admit I have no idea who Adrian is, I know I'm so behind, but once I finally meet him I will let you know my thoughts! Look forward to your review of Arranged and good luck with your exams doll! :)

  3. I WAS smiling when I finished reading your post! <3 *Sigh* I also have final exams coming up, but they'll last all June! D: Good luck on yours :)

    I actually have Arranged on my TBR list. I'll be waiting to read your review on GR, then :) I also love Sarah Dessen's books! Only read one so far, but planning on reading more <3 ADRIAN IVASHKOV. Oh, my. He's... sorry, can't find words, I only can say that my copy of The Golden Lily can't get here faster!

    Hahaha that comment on the music video had me laughing so hard! Best advice, certainly. I love your wonderfully hilarious posts, Hilda! <3

  4. I find you an amazing girl, Hilda. Always love your post!
    I smile right now, can you see it? *put cheshiree smile in my face* Lol

    Love those quotes and sweet pictures! I saw many Sarah Dessen books in bookstore and as a contemporary romance addict I really want to read it, but too bad I still don't have any of them :(

    And aaaaah Adriaaaaaan... I fancy him too! Let me at least borrow him once a week? Lol
    Well okay you may keep him, but please stay away from Four, kay? XD

    Anyway, enjoy your exams :) you might miss facing it someday *self-confession*
    Stay inspiring!

  5. Awww, you're a vanilla queen too! It's a very special group, so far only Jasprit and Rachel were real members, and Lisa joined their ranks occasionally, but at heart, you're a vanilla romance kind of girl and I love you for it!
    I loved this so much, and you can totally have Adrian, I wouldn't dare go against you! As long as you leave Dimitri with me, where he belongs. :D
    Good luck with your exams, sweets! I hope your professors are less strict with you than I am with my students. :D

  6. Good luck with your exams! I agree about Sarah Dessen, there seems to be a lot of lovin' for her these days. I find that One Direction comment to be tasteless though since it has ableism + rape. :| I hope you have a lovely Monday too!

    1. Elena, I think the One Direction comment is meant as a joke. I sincerely think that the person didn't intend to offense anyone. But I will remove the graphic since I don't want you to find any graphic above tasteless. :)

  7. Aww too cute cute cute ! :)
    I love those quotes. They are so adorable ! <3

    Oh and you can't have Adrian. He's MINE ! Buahahaha ! :P
    LOL !

    Good luck with exams, chickie ! You'll get the straight-As you're aiming for :D

  8. I love the last image with the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson! Did you make that one too? It's awesome! Good luck on your exams!!! I'm sure your going to do GREAT! A's all around =)

  9. The images for these quotes are really cute. All of these qoutes are really nice and heart warming! I love the quote of Adrian Ivashkov it really cracked me up! (I haven't read the Vampire Academy, though, but hope too...very soon!)

    GReat picks! =D

  10. Oh my gosh! I love your Monday Muse meme. It's absolutely adorable! <3 I have a bit of a plot I'm making up in my head, and these quotes just inspired me! <3

    Good luck for your exams, girly! Keeping positive thoughts and wishing the best for you! :3 <3

  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ADRIAN!!! <3 I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. I will fight the world for possession of him -- he's one of my favourite book boys of all time, ever since he made his first appearance in Frostbite! I feel like running for president of the Adrian fan club against all the million girls out there who adore him because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! :') I can't wait until The Golden Lily comes out, so your picture of him (and that's the actor who I picture him as too!!) made me beam!

    And all of those other pictures made me smile too! They're so gorgeous and fun, and absolutely adorable!

    Hilda, we NEVER feel all yuck-what-does-Hilda-want-to-talk-about-this-is-so-random-and-weird! It's more like oh-my-goodness-why-is-Hilda-so-awesome-and-adorable-and-how-does-she-come-up-with-these-awesome-posts! HAPPY MONDAY, SWEETIE!!! ILY :) <3

  12. This definitely brightened up my day, even though I have no school today [YES!]. This is my exam week as well, so I DEFINITELY feel your pain about studying! I should actually studying right now, but... So, anyways! I love all these quotes, and can't believe you made these graphics! They're so well done and very awesome looking. I love the second one, especially. =)

    Good luck on exams this week! And a fabulous Monday Muse post as always. Thanks for making my day better, Hilda!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  13. What a lovely post, Hilda. Love the pics and quotes. Beautiful!

    Yay for the upcoming holidays and good luck with the exams.

    Thanks for adding books to my TBR. And since you raving so much about Adrian, I should go read Bloodlines series. And then we will decide who's he is. :-p

    In case anyone wants to send you to a mental institution, tell them you are already seeing a Clinical Psychologist and come to me. ;)

  14. I love this post, Hilda!! So sweet and pretty. :) I don't know this Adrian guy (yet) so I will just take Owen from Just Listen. ;) He's so lovely!

    Good look with your exams... I'm sure you'll do amazingly!

  15. Good luck on your exams! Just keep thinking that in two weeks you'll be free for months. I am so jealous! I really adored the last pic. Something we should all remember all the time if we possibly can. And in that vein...I'll make you happy by saying I don't want Adrian! You can have him. But Dimitri is mine.

  16. OMG Hilda this just brightened up my Monday so much you have NO IDEA! :') Thank you so much for that sweets!! ILY! :) And OMG I am so sad to say I have never heard of Adrian, so he can be yours, but Owen is MINE. Deal? :P Anyways... I am definitely going to be googling that piece of eye candy Adrian.. he's so cute and handsome and swoon worthy!! *cue fan girl scream*

    Good luck for your exams hun!! I'm sure you will do awesome and get ALL A+++'s!!

    Happy Monday... (wait did I just say that?!) -.-


  17. First off! I love Adrian Ivaskov more than any other fictional guy! (though i love meeting other Adrian lovers so I do not mind that you like him, though I still claim him) The guy you choose for him is fantastic!
    I love all you pictures! They are so beautiful and equisite!
    The happiness is pure beauty, as beautiful as the quote, it made my day and inspired me.
    I am also dealing with exams and projects so I am also busy, but i'm finding plenty of time to blog and comment thanks to almost being done with the projects! (no more resereach!)

    I hope you A + your exams Hilda!!!!!!!!!!

    the old cartoons with technology jokes were hilarious! Love them!
    Have a fabulous day! <3

  18. I LOVE your quote images, Hilda!!! The picture that reminded you of ARRANGED was beautiful x) I'm so glad you liked this book as much as I did!!! I'm totally looking forward to your review on Goodreads :D

    And that Dessen quote <33 I love the Dessen boys and ohmygosh Owen is my favourite too! He is so awesome with his obsession with all kinds of music and even his anger management issues are so endearing because of the way he handles it!

    And oh Adrian *sighs* I absolutely cannot wait for The Golden Lily!!!! Loved him from his very first appearance in Frostbite. It was literally lust at first sight xD All the best for your exams, Hilda!!! I remember them killing me a month back so I absolutely understand. Don't worry about posting and commenting regularly. Will be waiting for you to come back! Hope you do amazingly. I'm sure you will <33 Thanks for another AMAZING Monday Muse post :D

  19. I love all the pictures you included in this post, Hilda! :D The Dessen quote is definitely my favorite. I feel like I can go on and on about Sarah Dessen and her books (mainly her boys!). My favorite Dessen boy probably has to be Wes from The Truth About Forever. But Owen was amazing, too! <3 <3

  20. Oh goodness, I love these all SO much! Especially the Adrian one! Ahahaha ♥

    Oh, I LOVE the last one... "Happiness is a perfume."

  21. What a beautiful post. I just love quotes and having them connected to photos is always nice. I want to read Arranged, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have the author's other book, Spin, which I need to read ASAP. It looks amazing.



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