Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Muse: Twin or Triplet or... More?

Welcome to Monday Muse, the non-consistent feature that is not posted regularly because most of the time my muse refused to come sooner. Oh, and the craziness of Monday makes me unable to post it sometimes. But well... here the feature shows up again! :)

What do I have for you this Monday? I have... siblings!

Not literally sibling of course. I have sibling book covers! You know, the moment when you see a cover and think, 'Huh. I'm sure I've seen that cover somewhere before.'  And maybe you really did! More and more authors and publishers buy stock photos, twirl it a little, and bam! You get a cover. I understand that stock photos are cheaper than a photo shoot, but I'm sure it must be really awkward when you find out that there is some other book using the same cover with yours.

The gorgeous twins:


The happy neighbors. I think these covers give the same atmospheres:

And... the super popular girl:

I know. OH-EM-GEE. What is the brand of the dress anyway? I actually found the website for this IT Book Cover Girl today. Actually, the whole Dark Angel book series by Eden Maguire uses her as the cover model. This is her website if you're interested to see more of her work: 

If you want to see another super popular girl, Alea @ Pop Culture Junkie does a very wonderful job in this post in her blog. This particular girl pops up everywhere. Book cover, advertisement in blog... she's like a new celebrity but remains unnamed LOL. :P

You can also find more cover siblings here on Goodreads.

And that's all for Monday Muse today! My deepest apologize that it comes really, really late. I hope your Monday rocks, fabulous people! ♥

What you think of this cover phenomenon? :)


  1. I stumbled across the cover couples page on goodreads sometime last year and couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't known that they re-used covers and just shifted them around slightly, I haven't checked it out in a while but more and more keep cropping especially the super popular girl as you put it! :)

  2. Wow, check out those septuplets!! Personally, when I see a book that I recognize the cover from another book, my initial thought is always that it is cheaply made and the material inside isn’t as good as something with an original cover because, to me, that says that the publisher (if there is one) didn’t have enough faith in the books success to do a photoshoot.
    I don’t know, I could be completely wrong or over analyzing it, but generally in those situations I wait to hear other people’s thoughts before reading the book myself.
    Thanks for sharing your muse this week! I love this feature on your blog.

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  3. Wow! I can't belive my eyes! And wow the 'Super popular girl' is really popular!Thanks for sharing! =D

  4. OMG that is amazing seeing it all laid out like that. I knew there were a lot of similar covers out there but not the twin/triplet as they are here. Awesome post Hilda

  5. Oh my gosh!! *blinks* LOOK AT THOSE COVER SIBLINGS! I knew that a ton of covers shared the same images or were shot in the same cover shoot, but I had no idea that the families were that big! x) And your first point about cover twins made me laugh out loud -- it IS true that it must be cheaper to use the same image for multiple covers after tweaking them a bit, but it would be really awkward to find someone using the same cover as you too! :P

    I always have to pick my favourite out of the cover twins though, and I have to say that I like Chosen, Enchanted, Ice, and Dark Angel/The Goddess Test best! They're all so pretty! :)

    You always have the funniest/sweetest things to talk about, Hilda! I love this post, and I love YOU for making me smile! :) <3

  6. Stock photos may be cheaper than a photo shoot, but there is so much stock out there ...

  7. There is a list on GOodReads that includes ALL the twin covers, and triplets, too. Most of them I already noticed on my own, but I was so disappointed when I saw that Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar has a twin... I mean, it was published by Penguin Australia! Can't they afford an original cover?
    Awesome post, love. I love this non-consistent feature.

  8. I'm stunned1 fabulous post by the way. And even though the covers all look the same, you have to admit they are compelling.

  9. Hahaha. I am cracking up here, Hilda! That girl really IS popular, eh? That's freaking crazy!

    Love this post :D

  10. Ahhh, love this post xD It was so interesting to see all these book siblings! Thanks for sharing :3

  11. What a fun post Hilda! I love looking at cover twins, triplets, or seventuplets ahahah =) I hadn't seen a lot of these yet. While it's fun to compare I can't believe so many publishers use stock photos. I feel like every book is a unique work of art and it deserves an original one-of-a-kind cover!

  12. Amazingly fun post, Hilda!!! It was so much fun to see all these covers together. It would be a little embarrassing to realise there is a twin cover of your book. And haha, the super popular girl is everywhere! Weird how some stock images are overused. I actually like how differently the same image is used in the covers of Intangible and Glimpse. I'd love to buy paperbacks of both. When they are placed side by side they make a whole face :P And both covers are pretty in really different ways and give different vibes despite being the same image.

    Love your non-consistent feature, Hilda. Keep em coming. :D

  13. There is actually a third book with the same stock photo for the first ones you have up there. Hedgewitch. I can't remember the full title off the top of my head

  14. I do this all the time while cruising Goodreads. It always makes me a little sad when you see the same covers online (or in store!). I'm glad I'm not the only one who picks up on it though.


  15. Hilda!! This post is super awesome!! I knew about some of them, but you made an amazing job with it!! And you're right about the dresses - damn - I want ALL of them!! :P :P

    I just love night dresses. I never wear them, but I love having them :P I mean, you can't wear a dress like THAT to go take a coffee or go out in the club, right? But nonetheless, gorgeous!!


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