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Review: This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

This is the end of the world.

Zombies are everywhere. Parents are dead. Minors are left to take care of themselves. Help from government never comes.

This is the end of the world, but to Slone, her world has already ended.

Six months ago is the day her sister ran away from their house, leaving Sloane alone to deal with their abusive father. Lily is the center of Sloane’s world. She is her sister, her best friend, her protector, her everything. Without Lily, she is nothing. Sloane is dead inside the moment Lily leaves her.

But now, Sloane is stuck in her school with five other kids. This is crazy. In the perfect world, she’s supposed to have died in the moment. But in the perfect world, Lily would have never left her either. She’s biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to leave the kids and kill herself…

The first few hours after reading this, I couldn’t even form a simple sentence. My mind is a whirring jumble of thoughts, and I felt so emotional, shocked, and hopeful in the same time. The characters in this book are very real. They’re three-dimensional characters for me. When I close my eyes, I can see them playing scenes after scenes in this book in my mind.

It’s almost ironic that Sloane is one of the survivals when everyone else is dead. Sloane might be the last person in the city who wants to survive. She is broken, almost beyond repair. Sloane is apathetic to everything because she doesn’t see the reason to fight. The world she knows has always been cruel to her. Sloane is a very complex character. My heart felt wrenched every time I read the way she describes Trace and Grace, the twins in their group. I can see how much she longs to have relationship like Trace and Grace, how lonely and shattered she is.

It’s sad how selfish people can be when it comes to survival. Everyone is egoistic. Everyone wants to live whatever it takes. Characters in this book do horrible thing to survive, yet I can’t easily judge them. When it’s the end of the world, the line between bad and good is blurry. This book explores the darker side of human, and I love it for that.

Reading This is Not a Test is like reading nightmare. I was emotionally attached to almost every character in the book. It’s gripping. Awesome. Dreadful. Nightmarish. Devastating. This is Not a Test is a must-read because you have to determine yourself which adjective you would use to describe this book.

I turn myself over, slowly, painfully, and stare into milky white irises, all the capillaries around them busted and red. I lose focus. I see one of her, two of her, three of her. Calm settles over me. She licks her lips. I close my eyes.

This is it. Finally.

I rate this book:

Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.


  1. "This is the end of the world, but to Slone, her world has already ended."

    This sounds incredible, Hilda! I've been wanting to read this book since forever but this review is really pushing me to go ahead and get the book already! It sounds so aswdwyg. I cannot imagine a girl with no desire to live being one of the last people alive. Courtney Summers has always had this raw writing style that I love. And the plot sounds amazing! Absolutely fantastic review, Hilda :) <33

  2. You're so right. Reading this book was like reading a nightmare. But one that I didn't want to turn away from. I'm so glad to see you loved this too, Hilda! An amazing review. :)

  3. Oh, Hilda, you've blown me away again with your beautiful review <3 With the most awesome reviews on this book from you, Mimi and Jasprit, I am absolutely determined to read this book soon - the premise sounds so stunning and thrilling and I've never ever read a zombie book! I love how it was so mind-blowing for you while reading it and I ADORE three-dimensional characters in books! I can't wait to get attached to all the characters just like you did <3

    Thanks for the gorgeous review, Hilda! I hope you have a LOVELY summer <3

  4. First I've read at least 10 raving reviews. Then I enjoyed that wonderful post about Courtney Summers at The Readventurer, then I finally caved and ordered a copy, and now you insist on tormenting me with your wonderful review! I'm staring at my copy longingly, but I simply don't have time for it just now!
    Anyway, thank you for the wonderful review, Hilda. I really want to go through this experience with Summers and Sloan.

  5. Great review! I haven't read a book in such a long time that explores the darker side of humanity, it sounds so good now! -.- Why didn't I get it earlier?!?! Why? You've made me feel guilty that I didn't buy it now. But you're probably happy you got me to admit that I really wish I bought it now because of this review.

    Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***

  6. I have hearts in my eyes while reading this review -- I just loved this book so much! I have the same sensation when I close my eyes, imagining Sloane and Grace and Trace and Rhys and all those other amazing characters and tripping over my own heart to hug them. Courtney Summers was BRILLIANT with this book and making it more realistic than most authors can ever accomplish. And you did her justice! :')

    Amazingly beautiful review, Hilda! <3

  7. While this book doesn't appeal to me at all, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it! I agree, it's really sad, and a little frightening how selfish people become in end of the world/survival situations.

    That quote you put at the ended totally freaked me out! Haha.

  8. Oh goodness, I want to read this badly! That quote in the end is a ridiculous tease. Why must you do this to me? Great review!

  9. Although I'm not a fan of zombies and I tend to avoid any kind of it, my curiousity always beat me, talking about the power of YA books, LOL
    Like this one, from your review and several out there, it sounds like a scary and emotional reading. It probably would haunting me but still.... I'm CURIOUS! GAH!

    Thanks for your wonderful thought, Hilda. The last quote creeps the hell up me ;A;

  10. Wonderful wrote it very well. I can't believe I want to read this book even MORE than I already do, but it's true. Yeah, yeah, it rhymed. I know. This sounds just amazing though. I can't wait to finally get my hands on a copy.


  11. This sounds like an AMAZING book! I feel like every review I've read had the same intense emotional reaction and I haven't heard a big thing about this yet. I'm really curious. A beautiful review, Hilda!

  12. EEEEEEE HIlDA! I've been hearing great things about This is not a test and it's been a while since I read a book about zombies too! The book sounds quite creepy too XP

    Awesome review, Hilda! ♥ Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  13. I am absolutely dying to read this book! I've heard it deals with the darker side of human character so I'm pretty excited about it after reading so much fluff. Your review has gotten me all excited.

    What an amazing idea to write a zombie book from the POV of a character who actually wants to die. So often stories are told from the POV of a strong determined person. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  14. Awesome review Hilda! You've captured how awesome and achy this book is so perfectly in your review! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this book too! :)

  15. I keep reading how awesome this book is and I realize that I totally should get a copy of it for myself. I like how it deals with human nature highlighting greed and ego.
    The fact that you said that the book is like a nightmare makes me want to read it even more ! :)
    Fabulous review, Hilda :)

  16. Great review Hilda! I have this book waiting to be read on my bookshelf and I can't wait to start it! Your review has definitely motivated me to pick it up ASAP! :)

    Ivy Book Bindings

  17. The more reviews I read about this one, the more I want to buy it. I can't wait to get my hands on this one. It sounds great, especiall the main character. I love broken characters, especially when you get attached to them. Great review, thanks! ^^ This one only adds to my growing enthuasism.

  18. I've been wanting to read this book for ages, Hilda! You're review has me wanting to read it even more. Brilliant!! :)


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