Sunday, June 10, 2012

Haul from the Hummingbird (#4)!

Hi everybody! You may have noticed that I didn't do this feature last week, so this post is a wrap-up of books I've received the past two weeks. I haven't posted much lately, but you can expect things to get back to normal soon! Exams are finally over! *insert breathless shriek here* Talking about excessive happiness! :)

Since I love rewarding myself to the point of spoiling, I decided to get many some books for my Summer read!

(clicking on the picture would bring you to the Goodreads page) 

ENORMOUS thanks to Harper Collins, Tribute books, Harlequin Teen, and Abrams! :)

I'm so excited to read What's Left of Me! I've been wanting the book ever since I saw the cover, so I'm very glad to have the chance to read it! I heard that Pushing the Limits is a touching and lovely story, so I can't wait to dive into! I'm in the mood for historical YA lately. My first thought when I read the blurb of A Soldier's Secret: Mulan, anyone? Shadow and Bone, oh-em-gee! Finally.

I received The Color of Snow for the book tour. Lovely cover! Darkness Before Dawn looks so good! I love the cover of Beauty, so I just know that I have to buy it! I was a bit hesitant to pick Arise, but I have to know what happen to Amelia and Joshua.

I love the dark tone in Elizabeth Scott's books. Living Dead Girl is my favorite book by her, but I hope Miracle could be my new favorite. I read Easy two weeks ago and fell in love with the story. It's so good and I'd recommend it to anyone! I have a thing for fairytale, so Enchanted is an instant-buy. Good Oil looks really good! I love Australian author!

I hope everyone had a great week with books too! Looking forward to see what everyone else got! Happy Sunday lovely people! :)


  1. Yeah ! We got some pretty similar books. :)
    Hopefully, we'll be reviewing them at the same time so we can compare. :D
    I love the cover of Beauty and really need to get it some time. :)
    Miracle sounds awesome. I love E.Scott's books. :)
    Hope you enjoy all of them ! :)
    Happy reading ! :D

  2. I saw another blogger mention The Colour of Snow last week, and thought it sounded like a great read, so I hope you enjoy it, as well as your other books! I haven't heard of Beauty until now, but I just read the synposis and it sounds very intriguing, I'll look forward to your review. :) Happy reading!

  3. beauty has a really eye catching cover! enjoy!!

    my post is here:
    Sunday Shout Out

  4. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Shadow & Bone. I loved that book! :) The cover for Beauty is great. I can't even remember what that book is about but I would probably buy it for the cover alone. ;) Amazing haul, Hilda! It looks like you have lots of amazing books to keep you busy! :D

  5. Omg Hilda! First of all yay that all your exams are over! And second this is the best book haul I've seen in ages! With all the time on your hands you will have the perfect opportunity to devour all these awesome books! I loved Good Oil so I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Also I can't wait to read Shadow and Bone, Easy or Miracle! Happy reading my love! :)

  6. Great haul, Hilda! I hope you love Good Oil, it's a sweet story! And I can't wait to read Easy, it sounds SO GOOD! I didn't enjoy Pushing the Limits so I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

  7. Wow a book haul doesn't get much better than this! Almost all of these books look amazing. I think you'll be busy for a while reading these fantastic books. Can't wait to read your reviews!! :)

    My IMM

  8. Fabulous haul, Hilda! I can't wait to see what you think of all of these. I'm going to get Easy soon... it's everywhere lately?! It must be good with all the reviews it's getting!

    I see you're reading The Glimpse right now. I'm looking forward to your review of that as I've heard very mixed things.

    Happy reading :)

  9. OOoh very nice haul!! I loved Arise! Such a good sequel! Still need to read Darkness Before Dawn but I will one day...far far far into the future since I keep getting more and more review books! :P

    Happy Reading!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  10. Oh my Wow Hilda!! What an amazing haul, sweets!! Everything, from What's left Of Me, to Beauty, seems so fabulous and awesome!!! Just wondering, have you read Unearthly and Hallowed, by Cynthia Hand?? Let me know!! Enjoy your haul, lovely Hilda! Can't wait to read some fab and Hilda-like reviews!! <3

  11. Lucky you finished your exam. My one is just starting! I'm suppose to be revising now. Anyway, moving on to the main point: so many good books! Really jealous you have Pushing the Limits. It sounds like a really good contemporary read. Looking forward to te reviews!

    Happy reading! =D

  12. I'm envious! Saw a review of What's Left of Me on another blog. I have to read it. Can't wait to see your review.

  13. Ohhhhh, you have a LOT of books there and I like almost everyone of them. I can't wait to get my hands on Enchanted: fairytales and retellings are also an instant buy for me (L)

    Darkness before dawn, what's left of me & Shadow and bone are the ones I also would love to read ^^

    So, happy reading!

  14. Hiiiildaaa, darliiing! You have an amazing haul this week! I will admit, I'm a bit jealous but I'm more excited to hear your thoughts on all these awesome books! XD Especially Pushing the Limits! Oh sweet goodness, that book is AMAZING. My favorite contemporary of the year so far! <3

    Shadow & Bone and Enchanted look so amazeballs as well! And What's Left of Me? THAT GORGEOUS COVER. Seriously, I hope you love all of these! <3 (Especially Pushing the Limits... hehe, I cannot stress enough how awesome that book is. Noah Hutchins = the most swoon worthy boy EVER.)

    Okay, I'm going to stop now. XD Have a great week, Hilda~ <3

  15. Firstly yay you finished your exams! It feels soooo good, doesn't it? And just let me pause for a few seconds so I can squeal with excitement! Wow wow wow, I am SUPER jealous you got What's Left of Me - it's out in September and I'm dying to read it already, I will be looking forward to reading your review :) The cover of Beauty is gorgeous and Enchanted looks amazing too! I've seen a great review on another blog for Easy so I hope you enjoy that too!

    Have fun with all those A-MAZING books Hilda <3

    1. And I just saw you added my blog to your blog roll! THANK YOU so much, Hilda! <3 I ADORE your blog too and I love that you like mine too! *hugs* <3

  16. Ohhh, you're so lucky that you finished your exams already, Hilda! I feel like I'm the only one who's still going (two more weeks, ahhhhhh!), but then I'll be done soon too and I can join your celebration party. Hopefully there will be chips! :')

    And you have an AMAZING hummingbird haul this week too, Hilda! Pushing the Limits, Shadow and Bone (!!), Darkness Before Dawn, Enchanted, Arise... They're all books that I've either already read & loved or books that I'm so pumped up to read! Either way, I can't wait to read all your reviews! :) <3

  17. So many fantastic books Hilda! I'm buying a lot of summer reads this week after I finish my last exam tomorrow. I read Enchanted and its fantastic! I read so many wonderful reviews on Shadow and bones so I'm sure you'll love it! Enjoy all your new books and summer vacation!

  18. Oh awesome haul. I really want to read Darkness Before Dawn. Your currently reading The Glimpse, how are you liking it? I loved it. Glad your exams are over for you :)

  19. Congrats on surviving your exams! And what an amazing haul! Really looking forward to reading What's Left of Me, as the synopsis sounds incredible. Happy reading!

  20. Congratulations on finishing your exams!!! =D You got a lot of books. I still can't get over the cover of What's Left of Me, gorgeous. I'd never heard of A Soldiers Secret but if your comparing it to Mulan then I'm definitely gonna have to check it out! Happy Reading ;)

  21. I really want to read What's Left of me and Shadow and Bone as well. They sound fab, so I hope you love them. I bought Miracle this past I'm excited to dive into that soon!

    Great two weeks. Yay for exams being over! They are the WORST!


  22. Oh wow! those books are just amazing Hilda! Good thing your exams are over, so now you can read those books!

    Have fun reading!

    here's my haul:

  23. Ooh, lots of cool-looking books! I got Pushing the Limits this week as well :D Hope you enjoy all your books!

    Check out what books I got at Geek Chic This Week (:D)

  24. What a stack of AWESOME. I'm tempted to share my thoughts on so many of them but it's time I go sleep. Have to go to work tomorrow. So I'll just say: I can't WAIT to read Easy! It's got great reviews and I love that it's set in college! And GOOD OIL is amaazing. I loved it. I love books by Australian authors in general but this one is extra special x) Have a great week and an awesome summer ahead, Hilda!!


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