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Review: As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Viola Cohen wants to feel like she belongs to something bigger, someone special, someplace amazing. Ever since her boyfriend Lawrence broke up with her and announced that he’s a gay, she never feels the same anymore. She’s the Invisible Girl, the kind of girl who has a handful of close friends and many acquaintances, but doesn’t belong to anything. And now, she’s just sad all the time.

He’s a genie who comes to grant Viola’s wish. He’s good in genie standard: never breaks out rules, never gets too attached to human, and always leaves human world as soon as possible. Like a fairytale, he gives Viola three chances to make a wish. He doesn’t have name, so Viola gives him name: Jinn. Jinn wants Viola to wish quickly, but how could Viola wish for something if she doesn’t even know what she wants?

“I mean, I know what I want to wish for--to belong somewhere, to something, with someone. But I want to belong only so I can...feel complete again, instead of broken apart from losing Lawrence—“

As You Wish is a lovely and quick read. I meant to read only a few chapters, but I found myself finishing the book in one sitting. Viola and Jinn are wonderful characters. I really like books with characters that grow up throughout the story. Viola is such a relatable character. Her flaws make her even more real. She’s too kind to wish for Lawrence, and she refuses to be so pathetic by wishing to belong. It’s very easy to connect with her. I love Lawrence’s character too, and how supportive he is to Viola and Jinn’s relationship. The moment when sparks flying between Viola and Jinn makes me want to go ‘aww’.

I’m not usually a fan of multiple POVs, but I like both Viola and Jinn’s voices in the book. Things that might seem confusing to Viola seem crystal clear for Jinn, and vice versa. They live in very different worlds, but both care for each other deeply. The ending is perfect, and the message behind the story is so powerful. Wishes can give you anything you want, but it all depends on you to be happy.

I like As You Wish very much and this makes me want to read more books from Jackson Pearce. Totally a recommendation. As You Wish is a book that digs deeper beyond a story between a girl and a genie that fall in love. It’s a story about finding your own happiness and discovering the real you.

"I can't go away unless you wish!" I shout, my temper finally at its breaking point.

"And what happens if I don't wish?" she wheels back.

My breath freezes in my lungs. It was a direct question, so I have to reply. I swallow hard, hoping my voice won't quiver when I answer.

"Then I die."

I rate this book:
 Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.


  1. Lovely review, Hilda! I haven't heard of this before but it does sound like a quick and fun book. The characters sound pretty likeable too! I'm glad to hear you had a good time reading this. I will definitely be checking this book out further. :)

  2. Awesome review, Hilda! I haven't seen this book before but it sounds like a lovely, light read :) I quite like books with two different POVs and Viola sounds like a great character so must check this one out soon. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, Hilda <3

  3. I didn't even know this book existed! Actually, apparently I added it as to-read on Goodreads back in 2009. ;) It sounds really lovely and I'm glad the multiple POVs work because that's something that usually annoys me! Excellent review, Hilda. <3

  4. This sounds really cute Hilda! I've never read of a romance between a genie and a girl. Lovely review dahling! :)

  5. A genie?! That's certainly a new one and this book sounds adorable! I'm glad both voices work in the book for you because I think that's a tricky thing. Lovely review!

  6. Great review and it's about a book I can't wait to get my hands on! I love how this story is about a genie: that's not something you see very often :D Most of the time, I quite like a multiple POV (if it's written well) and I'm glad this one turned out fine ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have another Jackson Pearce's books on my shelf, Sister Red and Sweetly, but they're still untouch. i've been so curious about this book, thankfully I got an answer from here. So this book is about Ginnie-boy in a magic lamp? :D I think I have to read it soon! The story looks really cute and so curious how the love story between human girl and ginnie boy would end. So interesting!
    Great review as always, Hilda! :)

  8. A genie and a girl? Ooh! Reminds me of the TV series I Dream of Jeannie! Lovely review Hilda! This sounds adorable and full of very awesome characters. Even Lawrence sounds so supportive and nice, despite him breaking Viola's heart and everything! I really should check out some of Jackson Pearce's books. As You Wish sounds like a cute and quick read :0)

  9. Jackson Pearce! I recently discovered how adorable and awesome and sweet her books can be, so just seeing her name as the author is enough to make me want to read this book! I actually really love multiple POVs in book (especially when it's between the guy and girl and done correctly -- that's when it gets adorable!), and it sounds like JP did a good job with it in this book :)

    Beautiful review, Hilda! I don't think I've ever read a genie book besides Aladdin before, so this is going to be my first. And I'm so excited!! ;) <3

  10. Wow. This sounds like such a cute and sweet read I really can't resist! *runs off to add it to wishlist* The genie idea sounds really really good. And gosh! I can't wait to read these characters :)

    Lovely review, Hilda <3

  11. This sounds like a great read. I can so relate to Viola. TBR for sure!

  12. That last quote made me go "awww NOO!" Sounds like a really good book and I'm glad the dual p.o.v. worked. I like getting different perspectives, but I feel like most books I'm reading these days don't have them.

    Thanks for the review!


  13. Wow this book seems absolutely fabulous, Hilda!! Viola seems like a great MC. I find that the best MCs are the ones with flaws, because then people can relate to them better. For some reason this book b=made me think of Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera LOL. I know, random much! :P Oh no! That last quote made me gasp out loud, I swear. I can already tell that this one is going to be a tear-wrencher... box of tissues, come hither! ;) I've never really read a book about genies, so this one should be fascinating! Absolutely amazing review as always, Hilda sweetie!! Hope your having fun at your Grandmother's house! :)

  14. This is the first time I'm hearing about this book. It sounds absolutely too cute. I'm intrigued as to how the relationship between Viola and Jinn will end. Thanks for the lovely review, Hilda. I'm going to "Goodreads" this book. :D

  15. Ohhh, I just love it when I only intend to read a chapter or two and end up reading the whole thing in one sitting. It's my favorite thing! I've never read a Jackson Pearce book, the only thing I really know about her is that she's friends with Maggie Stiefvater (a HUGE plus in my book), so I fully intend to read something of hers soon. This sounds like a great place to start.
    Lovely review as usual!

  16. Ooh, this sounds lovely, Hilda! I can't think of another genie book that's YA, how unique! And I am a big fan of books that I can read in one sitting! Great review!!

  17. This is such a lovely review Hilda, I love books which completely take you in and you can't stop reading especially fun and light hearted ones. I think I've been reading too many intense reads lately, must get back to the lighter hearted ones! :)


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