Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Muse: Bad Boys

Hi everyone! Last week my life consisted of papers, presentations, lots of Snickers, and piles of unread Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost poems. It's pretty depressing, so let's spare the gory details. ♥

Today, I'm going to talk about boys. Not just any boy, of course... we're going to talk about bad boys in fictions, and much-loved things about them! With their wicked wink and  come-on-baby smile, they sure steal your heart! ;)

Bad Boys

  • They tend to wear leather jacket and boots. I don't know, maybe it's bikers thing?
  • Jeans! They always wear navy blue jeans or black one. Never heard one wearing white or brown jeans (brown jeans would make them look like cowboy, which is much no-no). 
  • No watch. Please, who cares about future?
  • Ghost-like smile, or a cocky grin that tease you. Always look kind of sullen and mysterious. Giving out bad boy vibe.
  • Messed-up hair that somehow makes you dying to ruffle your hands through.
  • Stunning blue eyes. Or green, or brown, or black... well, you're still melting whatever shades of color his eyes are.
  • Some of them have tattoo. Intricate ink of something hard to decipher.
  • Tend to have piercings in some places of their body like ear or lip.
  • Six-packs body. Muscles... are important, trust me.
  • Extremely possessive of their girlfriend.
  • Have very strong desire to protect their loved ones.
  • If unable to protect somebody they love (like their family, their friends, or their girlfriends), they will be very upset and blame themselves. Must be a superhero thing.
  • They usually are very smart, but do not care a thing about their grades. Have strict rules to only use their brilliant mind to plot something dangerous.
  • At first, a bit jerkish to girls whom they are attracted to. Usually gone mushy-mushy after first kiss.
  •  Mysterious. Have dark aura surrounding him.
  • Always a natural alpha in his group.
  • He doesn't open up to anyone else but the girlfriend.
  • They always give you a warning first, something along the line, "I'm dangerous. You're a good girl. Forget about me." But of course, the girl is even more attracted to him and finally she unveils his dark secret. Well, at least now we have a fascinating story to read. ;)

  • They tend to be an outsider, but your eyes will still follow his movements around the school.
  • Have reputation being bad boy, tough fighter, jerk, and heart-breaker. Well, they can have 'dangerous' label on his forehead and girls would still follow them to the end of the world.
  • Some of them smoke and drink.
Where to Meet
If you're lucky, you can be assigned to be his partner in Biology class. If lady luck is not smiling at you, there are still big chances to find them in public places like a new club, billiard, or parties.

Bad Boys In Fiction
Hilda's Verdict

There are so many bad boys in fiction, but we still can't get enough! What is it with their irresistible charm? Well, I think it's more than their drop-dead-gorgeous look. It's more to the challenge, the moment when you play with fire. His dark past also adds thrilling feeling to the relationship. Aww, maybe there's just something touching with fixing that broken soul. ;)

whoa, we have badass here :P
That's all for Monday Muse this week! Stay tune, because next week I'm going to post the versus of bad boys: good boys! Maybe the week after it would be hot boys, then cold boys (?), warm boys (??), hot and cold boys (???)... errr, I don't think anyone would want to read that kind of post.

Stay inspiring, get inspired, and have inspiration! I hope your Monday rocks, lovely people! ♥

What do you think of bad boys in fiction? Who is your favorite fictional bad boy? :) 

A little note about Catch the Lune! 
As you can see, I changed my blog template! It's a short-time decision and although I like it, I think the sidebar is a bit crowded. What do you think of this new template? And do you know how to show 'comment' button in my blog? Somehow the comment button doesn't show up in homepage. :'( Thank you so much for your help and honest opinion! ♥ :)

 I decided to change my blog template again. There's something wrong with the 'floating clouds' template, so this time it's 'carnival flags' template. It just reminds me of carnival LOL! Hopefully you guys like it too! :)


  1. EEEEEE HILDA! I LOVE YOUR BLOG'S NEW LAYOUT! <3 SO cute and gorgeous!

    I also love this post! Bad boys are amazing! <3
    My favourite bad boys from the list:
    Jace and Will!!!!!! I LOVE THEM BOTH. And funny how they are written by the same author! ;) Well, I think I love Will a bit more than Jace. Just because Will loves reading and is poetic!

    Anyway, awesome post, Hilda! <3

  2. I must admit I have a weakness for bad boys.

  3. The layout is just too cute ! I love the little floating clouds. :D
    Although I loved the previous one as well, I'd say that this one totally depicts your personality ! <3

    Bad boys are awesome ! I love them. When I read books with them, I can't help but fall for the bad guy. In a way, they are vulnerable ! :)
    I love this post, Hilda ! I love how you described their appearances and behavior ! :) You were spot-on ! :D :D

    Adrian, Archer, Lucas ... <3 <3 <3

    You just made by day, Hilda ! :D :D

    1. Oh snap !
      I forgot to reply to the last part of your blog post. You will need to change some stuff with your HTML code.
      This link will help you.

      Try it and let me know if you're successful. :)

  4. The new template is gorgeous, love! I liked the old one too, but this is very you. They're both very you. I'm sure you'll deal with these small technical difficulties in no time at all.
    Adrian must be my favorite bad boy ever, even though I'm crazy about Dimitri. I always fall for the serious and responsible type, I'm afraid, but that doesn't mean I'm not occasionally blown away by a gorgeous bad boy. :)
    Good to have you back. I've been MIA too, sick kid, then me. <3

  5. Clever post, Hilda! You're spot on with your analysis of bad boys in YA! I have to say that I do prefer the good guys or the bad guys who aren't really so bad ;)

  6. LOL! Awesome post, Hilda!!! Those pics were HAWT!! <3 And that text was hilarious!! :) You always know how to brighten up my day!! <3 Even though I'm more of a 'nice guys' type of girl, I have to admit I have a special place in my heart for bad boys. Gotta love em!! XD Fabulous post on a dreary (at least for me) Monday, sweets!!!

    1. OMG I just noticed the new blog template!! Hilda, if I am being perfectly honest, I LOVE IT!! But I guess that's no surprise since I love you!! <3 Keep it up, girl!! :)

  7. Hilda, I LOVE these Monday Muse posts! This is my favourite one yet. ;) Those bad boys are the most interesting characters to read about! They're usually so hilarious! I love Jace, Beau, Archer and Will... I'm sure I'll love the others too when I get around to those books!

    And your blog looks gorgeous. <3

  8. First of all, I LOVE the moving clouds! I thought I was on somebody else's blog for a minute there. :P The new design is lovely! I'm not sure what you mean about the comment button though, but I hope you work it out. ;)

    Now... BAD BOYS. I have a soft spot for them... In fact, I think I even prefer them. ;) Will, Archer, Jace and Patch just happen to be some of my top book crushes. I guess bad boys do tend to be jerks at first, but it;s all entertainment to me. :P

  9. Can't Stop Laughing!!!!!!! Amazing, fantastic and unforgettable post Hilda! I can't wait for the good boy and the warm boy and the cold boy one!!!!!!!!! I love the mention of places you will find bad boys! Brilliant post Hilda! I love Adrian!! (You already know that, but i love mentioning that fact whenever i have a chance)
    I completely adore the moving clouds! Completely clueless on the comment question.

  10. I love your new blog layout, Hilda! :D The floating clouds = SO CUTE! Sadly, I don't know where the show comment thing is either. :( Sorry to disappoint.

    As for bad boys... Oh. My. Goodness. There are SO MANY OF THEM in YA fiction. Sometimes, it gets tiring or annoying, but some are just completely irresistible! Maybe that's why they're so common? ;) I totally agree with all the points you made, such as their behavior and appearance. Haha, amazing post, Hilda! :D YA girls love their bad boys. ;)

  11. Awesome post Hilda, there's nothing more I love than a bad boy, and you've got their behaviour and appearance nailed! I love guys with messed up hair, that it looks like they just got out of bed and their cocky grins! *sigh* I think I need to pick up some more books with bad boys in them! Btw I love the new look on your blog it's so adorable! I just can't stop staring at the clouds! :)

  12. Hildaa. I LOVE the floating clouds and the left sidebar. It's so cute and YOU. I'm so glad you're done with exams and the blog looks fab! I totally agree with your post! Haha, the appearance and behaviour- spot on! And the "where to meet them" section made me laugh out loud! Especially the line- If you're lucky, you can be assigned to be his partner in Biology class.:D

    I cannot get enough of bad boys though sometimes good boys are intriguing too. Awesome Monday Muse post, Hilda :)

  13. OH MY GOSH, I CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS POST. Hilda, you are an absolute genius. A goddess. Some superhero in disguise. I literally giggled through the entire thing and didn't stop for a second -- except maybe to squeal for the mention of Adrian (who I shall be meeting soon, thank goodness)! Your descriptions of their appearances had me swooning (and thinking it was SO TRUE for most of them to have in common)~ Gosh, I LOVE you for justifying for my love for all bad boys out there!! :')

    And I completely adore your new blog design, Hilda -- the clouds are so pretty! But I'm so sorry I have no idea what to do about the comments thing. (I'm probably the worst person to ask about HTML haha!)

    Can't wait for the brilliant post you're gonna show us next Monday, Hilda! I still love my good boys, even though bad boys are totally dominant ;) <3

  14. What is it about your blog templates? The previous one was cute and this one is too!! :)
    I loved reading this post... Was also laughing about it, you've described the bad boys so well ! ;)

    Also, I've got an award waiting for you over at my blog ! :)

  15. Em... did you just change your layout again? =p

    Awesome post like usual Hilda! I love and agree to all of your deep observation and I also looooooove bad boys =D I find that somehow bad boy is more sensitive and honest, and I always fall for their over-protective-ness over ones they love =D

    Can I add Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry and Bones from Night Huntress series, although he's not from YA series? xD

  16. Have to comment again about the design - I love this one too! Are you trying out a few new things? Honestly, anything you have up looks AMAZING. :D

  17. Hilda the blog looks great!

    I love this post!! (Love the picture of the first guy!! OMG HOT!!) Why do we always love the bad-boy? They're the ones most likely to break our hearts but they're my number one obsession in books. Oh Adrian!! :)

  18. Forgot to say, that text message is a laugh! Is this a hottie capturing your interest? ;)

  19. @Sam

    Aww thank you SO much for taking your time checking out the new design, Sam! I'm really glad you like it! <3

  20. @Rachel

    Hehe, I'm soooo agree with you Rachel! Bad boys always break our hearts yet we still love them. Nooo it's nothing like that, trust me sweetie hehe! I'd tease the person to death if he ever sent me a text message like that LOL! ;)

  21. I don't know what it is, but the bad guys always sound so sexy and attractive in a book :p There is something about them.. but I'm still glad I found a good guy as my boyfriend, because bad guys tend to break your heart :p

    Haha, I love this post!

  22. I guess I get the appeal of bad boys but I prefer good ones, haha! I can't wait to see your good guys post. :)

    I like your layout too, btw! I like the little flags.

  23. AMAZING POST! I like the bad boys who aren't really that bad, but I guess I just prefer the good guys.

    Your blog layout looks great... like always!

    PS: I like how you have a picture of Chace Crawford on the good & bad boy posts. (:


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