Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Muse: Good Guys

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful start this week! My brain is already in holiday mode, and I'm having a relationship with my TV. Gosh. Need to stop watching TV like twenty five hours a day.

This week's topic is good guys in fiction! This is a complementary post for my last week's Monday Muse post, bad boys in fiction. You know, good guys also have qualities that can make you... sawoooooon!

Good Guys
  • Sweater and polo shirt. Dressed up in a way that somehow looks cute and harmless.
  • Warm eyes and good smile.
  • He smells like coffee or the soap he uses. Wait, this is personal preference.
  • You can always find him wearing suitable clothes for any occasions. Clean and ironed, of course. They're real gentlemen.

  • They shower you with flowers. Flower on your birthday, flower on the first date, flower on Valentine...
  • They smile and laugh a lot. Always be the one who melts the icey atmosphere between strangers in parties.
  • You can ask him to watch romantic comedy instead of horror movies, and you know what? He will always say yes (although he hates romantic movies!).
  • Proper first kiss date. A sweet peck on forehead. Aww, forehead kisses are so sweet!♥
  • Never forget your birthday. No need to worry when he says he forgets, most of the time it only means that he has prepared you a surprise party.
  • Sweet texts or emails. He never forgets to text you good morning and call you before sleep.
  • Treats you gently.
  • They're family guys who are good with kids. Yay!
  • Brilliant mind. They're usually valedictorian who end up being a doctor, lawyer, or dentist.

  • Girls tend to think that these guys are too good to be true. Well, although they're almost extinct, I assure you there are still some left. ;)
  • Guaranteed approval from your mother. Never afraid to bring him to family events. Your family loves him!

Where to Meet

It's supposed to be easier to spot good guys. Like in a bakery. Er, so far I've only met one fictional good guy I love who is a baker. You know who he is. :P For unknown reasons, you can usually meet them in English class. They usually participate in after-school activity like football, newspaper club, or yearbook committee, so make sure to join these activities!

Good Guys in Fictions

Hilda's Verdict

I was very, very tempted to put on 'every boys from Sarah Dessen's books' on the list above. I think most good guys we love are from contemporary YA, because let's face it: we want that kind of guy in our real life! Well, I do. :P I love bad boys, but  I always have soft spot for good guys. Actually, I tend to root for them and get really disappointed when the heroine chooses the bad boy instead just because the bad boy is new guy/hot/dangerous/gorgeous. I think good guys, with their bright smiles, charming acts, and sweetness, can be irresistible too! :) Oh, and they're safe. :P

awwwww. sweet. ;)

Hopefully this post can brighten your day even just a tiny bit! Stay inspiring, get inspired, and have inspiration! Happy Monday, awesome people! ♥

What do you think of good guys in fiction? Who is your favorite fictional guy? :)


  1. Nice post. I like Etienne St Clair from Anna and the French Kiss and Oliver from The Statistical Improbability of Love at First Sight. Neither of them was perfect, but that just made them special.

  2. I. ADORE. THESE. POSTS. to death! <3 These posts always brighten up my Monday morning!

    Ahhh, I totally agree with you about their behaviors. That's what makes them so swoon-worthy <3 I think my heart still belongs to bad boys though. If I can finally find a man that can make me swoon AND he's a good boy, THEN that is when I will all be for good guys. ;D

    Great post like always, Hilda! <3 <3

  3. Can... can I squish you in a hug right now? <333 Usually when it comes to good and bad boys, the good one totally buys it for me! I feel really sad when the heroine chooses the other, too.

    And wow, your description of good boys + images... WIN! I loved it. And yep, I think those kind of good guys are about to become extinct, sadly T_T

    I still haven't read your post about bad boys! *hits self* I'm going now, then :) I hope you've had a great Monday, and your week proves to be amazing~ <3

  4. Now that i realise i haven't read much books with good guys. I should definitely read more books with good guys. One that i do remember is Josh from the Gallagher Girl series.(I love the Gallagher Girl series!)

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love this post!!!!!!!! Gosh it had me smiling throughout...after this comment I am totally going to re-read it!!! This is definitely the perfect post for me because a) it's Monday and b) I have an exam tomorrow lol!!!! Way to go Hilda!!! Love this post and totally agree about the Sarah Dessen comment!!! You just described the perfect guy...don't think he exists in real life though huh ;-) LOL


  6. :0 I'm strongly believe the baker is Peeta! I rarely fine good guys in fiction so I'm glad to see you found some! Clint from the ivy series is another good guy for the list; the only one I could think of before your list.
    I love this post! I hope you continue next week with another boy type!
    I hope your having a wonderful summer right now Hilda!

  7. Yay! I'm getting very tired of the bad boy winning all the time so when I saw this post I did a little dance :) The good guy can be mysterious and brooding as well without being mean. Melina Marchetta writes some very good boys who are a bit rough around the edges. I thought I was the only one who loved the forehead kiss!!

  8. Awww, Hilda! I totally adore forehead kisses! There's just something so sweet about them, maybe even more so than kisses on the cheek. So glad you mentioned that! Even more glad you mentioned Peeta! I think I love him more than forehead kisses. ;) This post has officially turned me to mush in the best possible way. :D

  9. Hahahahahahaha you make me smile, Hilda!!! x) <3 Smelling like soap or coffee is totally a personal preference to me too -- and the thing about English class? So true! I guess there's something about the English language that authors find romantic, and as a native English speaker, I see no problem with that ;)

    (And I laughed when you mentioned that all of Sarah Dessen's boys are good boys because that's the truest thing ever!)

    Have I ever told you that I love your Monday Muse posts? Because I absolutely DO, Hilda! I may still be Team Bad Boy (because your bad boy post had Adrian on it, and Adrian is my imperfect perfect boy), but good boys are starting to wear down on me! :') <3

  10. Such a fun post Hilda! I've been looking forward to it all week. I prefer good boys to bad boys myself. Unfortunately, I think you're right and good boys are practically extinct. I just hope there's at least one left =)

    Peeta is definitely a favorite good boy, I can't believe he's the only one on your list I know! Guess I've got some reading to do.

    Some of my favorites are: Tucker from Unearthly, Alex from Delirium, Josh from Gallagher Girls, there's more but I can't think of them right now...

  11. Haha, I like how Chace Crawford was in both posts. IDK I guess because I'm older or whatever but I enjoy good guys. Stability + kindness wins over volatile bad boy for me even though it's not really like that in fiction. I like your Monday Musings, they're always so cute. :D

  12. First off, I can't believe I missed your blog re-design! It's amazing how much you can miss in a single week. =p It's so lovely!! Anyways, I really love this post! I actually love every Monday Muse that you do- they're so amazing and always cheer up my Mondays. I usually end up liking the good guy- and like you, am always rooting for him. ;) I like a good bad boy [ha ha, see what I did there?] in my books, but the good guy always wins me over in the end.

    Fantabulous post!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  13. There are a LOT of good guys in YA books ! :)
    My personal favorites are Etienne from Anna and The French Kiss, Cricket from Lola and The Boy Next Door and most recently Jase from My Life Next Door. You'll adore Jase ! He's absolutely wonderful. :) :)
    I,personally,love the good guys much better too, but in some cases, I do go root for the bad guys. :P
    It all depends on their personalities though and how they treat the girl.
    Love the post, Hilda. Are you a psychology student by any chance ? You sure do know how to analyze fictional boys ! :D

  14. Hehehee, I LOVE THIS POST! As much as we love the bad guys, we still need and love the good guys too! ;)

    This post completely brightened my day! Thank you for sharing this awesome post with us, Hilda! <3

  15. Awesome post Hilda! I actually can't think of any good guys right now as I'm finding Chace Crawford hugely distracting! I always thought that I preferred bad boys, but this post has made me realise that I love the good guys too! :)

  16. SO amazing, I actually don't read too many books with good guys in them, so I'll definitely need to be getting to that this summer. And forehead kisses are my favorite! ahh, okay. I'm going to go read your bad boys post now!

  17. Heehee~
    I've been waiting for your good guy post :D I really love this kind of post!
    *oh hi Adrian hi Peeta~*

    Aaaaah, good guys at YA always make us swoon. Peeta's personality is the perfect one, I can't help but falling for him for his sincerity and being so-domestic (i'd love to have Peeta baked something delicious for me :D). I'd like to add Etienne St. Clair from Anna and The French Kiss, Marcello Forelli from Waterfall (and he's a genuine Italian knight!), Edward Cullen from Twilight, Tobias aka Four from Divergent, Alex from Delirium, Cabel Strumheller from Dreamcatcher series into this Good Guy piles :D

    In my case I can't really choose between bad guys or good guys. Too good guy would be too odd and annoying, too bad guy would be too scary. At some situation I strangely always attract to the bad one in the end because they left strong impression beneath their bad behavior like Damon (although he acts so impulsive and sadistic killer. ) and Will Herondale (although he's like a masochist and acts hateful) and Adrian (although he, ahem, smoker, drinker and womanizer) ;)

    Your observing ability is always amusing Hilda. I wish I could do something fun like this too!
    Keep being awesome! :D

  18. Bad guys fun in entertainment, but when it comes to real life, I always want the good guy. I don't really go for the guy who is a rebel or always getting in trouble in real life, but fiction? It's much more interesting.

    However, I do often root for the good guy in fiction because I think they are adorable. Guy from the book Willow by Julia Hoban is a good one.


  19. Great post Hilda. So sweet. But, none of the guys on the list really appeal to me, what does that say about me lol. I think I prefer the fictional bad boys but the real life good ones :)

  20. Oh Hilda!! This is an amazing post!! I love good guys as much as bad boys for different reasons. I think you might take Sawyer from The Vincent Brothers off that list once you read it. He's a little of both!! I have to say I love Lucas from Easy. Although I guess he's a little bad and good boy. :)

  21. Hey Hilda ..**Giggles** lots of them :D

  22. Oh Hilda, you're so clever! I love these posts! Good guys can be just as awesome, I agree!!

    You should totally read Slammed by Colleen Hoover. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOREHEAD KISSES! ;)

  23. I totally love good guys, too. I usually like them more than the bad guy, to be completely honest. I love all of Sarah Dessen's boys. ;) (Well, you know minus the AWFUL ones, like Macon and that abusive boy from Dreamland.) I love their sweetness, their clean appearance, and their warm hearts. <3 *swoooons*

  24. Fun Monday Muse, Hilda!!! I laughed at "For unknown reasons, you can usually meet them in English class."!! That's weird, right? The paranormal hotties you meet at Bio and the good guys at English! And ooh, the Dessen boys! I love all of them. They have got to be the most adorable! <3

  25. Hooray for the good guys! I always love them more than the bad boys, good will always win over bad! They're always so sweet and cute <3

  26. good guy?
    how about a good girl?
    I want you to post them to hilda :D

  27. So funny. When I saw the list of behaviors, I recognized a lot from it in my boyfriend! So I did a great job in finding a good guy ^^

    The only thing I don't like is Peeta. He was a bit toooo good for me (which meant that he had no spine)

  28. Oh, Hilda, how you have made my heart flutter <3 You totally brightened my day, thank you so much for writing such a beautiful posts! I actually did a little dreamy sigh after reading each sentence <3 I think that boys like these are to good to be true but I'd like to believe there are some left in the world :') Forehead kisses are definitely super sweet and cute :) And warm eyes are a must - I mean, who else is gonna melt your heart with their gaze?

    Thanks again for such a beautifully written post, Hilda <3 I'm already looking forward to more :) x

  29. Awww, nice guys!! <3 <3 Although I love bad boys, nice guys always make smile <3 <3 :) :) Beautiful post Hilda!! :) :)

    PS. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can find it here


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