Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Retro Geeks by Karen Mueller Bryson

This book is completely and totally adorable. It has all the elements needed to make perfect and Disneyesque book: two geeky and lovable heroines, mean popular girls, not-so-bright jocks, annoying sibling, and swoon-worthy heroes!

Molly and Ally are self-proclaimed geeks. Boy, do I ever meet any clumsier character than them! Imagine this. Their physical coordination is so bad that they hit each other every time they try to do high-five! But the girls are also adorable in every sense possible. They love to dress in 80s attire, and they’re not afraid to be different. Although there are times they lose themselves somewhere in their effort to be popular, you can expect them to get their chins up and stand up straighter!

Retro Geeks is a fun and light book you would love to read in one sitting, just like me! I really hope that this book could be adapted into ad TV show someday, because it’s just too fun to miss! Get ready to read the misadventure of Molly and Ally, and how they find out that the only thing better than being popular girls is being their own quirky, unique individuals.

Dylan pulled up the pig's intestines for the girls to see. “The intestines, of course.”

The girls gagged once again. The intestines looked like the school cafeteria’s pasta delight.

“Prom should be quite a romantic evening for the right couple,” Dylan remarked as he gazed longingly at Molly.

But the girls could not take their eyes off of the horror show that was the dissected pig.


I rate this book:
Three cups of tea. I like it.  Recommended to read in spare time.

Many thanks to the author and YA Bound girls who provided me the review copy! Don't forget to check out the rest of the tour because some blogs offer copies of this book! :)


  1. What a cute story. I actually know some retro fans, though they're far from geeky. Love the sound of this one. Their physical coordination is on par with mine!

  2. Oh, this book does sound totally sweet and adorable! Molly and Ally seem really cute and their clumsiness makes them even cuter <3 I'm glad they don't try to fit in with the 'popular' crowd, it's much more interesting to read about quirky individuals!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Hilda and thanks for making me aware of this adorably, light read <3

  3. Aww this book sounds like such an adorable read! I love cute fluffy reads! I really need to pick some more up soon! Lovely review Hilda! :)

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing Retro Geeks! I greatly appreciate it!

  5. @Karen Bryson, Ph.D.

    Hi Karen! I had great time reading Retro Geeks. Thank you for providing me the review copy and stopping by my blog! :)

  6. Adorable book = a book Mimi must read! x) This sounds so sweet, Hilda! It looks like your average smile-inducing light read that's meant to pass the time, and for this summer, I'm planning on getting in a lot of those. I'm giggling that they hit each other whenever they try to high five already, and I already love that they aren't afraid to be different. I think Molly and Ally and I would be great friends if we went to the same school! ;)

    Really sweet review, Hilda! <3

  7. This really does sound like a dorky book... but definitely in a good way! :D I'm glad you had fun reading this, Hilda. The characters do sound adorable and the story seems fun. Amazing review! :)

  8. Fun review! It does sound like a cute book...and I do love a good dorky character, since I'm one myself. :)


  9. Haha, you know I usually consider the word adorable to be an insult, but in this case, in this context (considering it's Dysneyesque), it actually sounds promising. I've been on the lookout for good summer reads: cute and undemanting, and this sounds like it.
    Wonderful review as usual, Hilda. :) I'm the one who gets review envy, hon.

  10. This does sound adorable! I've been looking for cute summer reads, and this one sounds perfect. And the whole coordination part sounds pretty funny... thanks for the great review!

  11. Aw, this sounds so cute and I have never heard of it before, so thanks for reviewing it! I can't wait to meet these two clumsy characters because I'm a bit clumsy too!

  12. This sounds like such a cute book! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Anything disneyesque and I'm in =)

  13. Short and sweet <3 Great review, Hilda! It does look like such a cute book! That cover is very interesting! *o* I could use a Disney-esque book these days...

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  14. Oh, this sounds so fun and amusing. :) Definitely my type of read! I've never heard of this before, but your review is very convincing and the quote made me laugh out loud. :D Excellent review!!

    Leanne @The Reclusive Reader

  15. Ooo! I think I've heard of this book before but never actually got the chance to read it. The cover and summary looks interesting!

    Awesome review, Hilda! ♥ Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. This sounds like such a fun book, Hilda! There is nothing more adorable than a book with self proclaimed geeks who are not afraid to be different!! :) I love the sound of this. Fun review, Hilda :D

  17. This sounds like a chill, fun book Hilda! Fantastic review Hilda! I definitely like the way you introduced the cool geeky characters!

  18. This sounds so cute Hilda! I love light books you can just breeze through and have a laugh reading! Lovely review. :)


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