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Review: Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards by Janette Rallison

3.5 stars

Ah, this book reminds me how much I love reading light, contemporary YA.

Blue Eyes and other Teenage Hazards follows Cassidy’s story after her best friend Anjie moved away. When the new family moves to Anjie’s house, she hopes that she will be nice, smart, funny, and not a typical drama queen. Well, Elise wasn’t exactly nice at first, but they finally find enough topics to talk about aside from Elise’s mourning of leaving California.

Elise was not the kind of girl Cassidy usually friends with. While Cassidy loves studying and is awkward around boys, Elise drinks alcohol, goes to parties, and determines to hate school although she has enough IQ that would let her run for Mensa president. Cassidy finds Elise fascinating and despite their differences, they become friends. Elise’s older brother, the cute blue-eyed Josh, is convinced that Cassidy is just the perfect friend to keep Elise in the right line. Cassidy will have to be able to make sure that Elise stay sober and in the same time find a way to get Josh to notice her in more than an immature sophomore.

This book is a fun, quick read. I seriously wouldn’t mind living inside the story. Cassidy is a smart and great character. She likes herself just the way she is and that makes me proud of her. Finally, a contemporary heroine who doesn’t yearn to be prettier/skinnier/wilder! That makes me want to give her an award for being the model heroine, really. Plus, I need to mention that Cassidy is smart! Smart girls who also manage to be nice, pretty, and still believable are rare. She doesn’t have any thrilling need to walk on the wild side and that’s just fine by me.

I really like Josh too. He is responsible and nice, the type of brother you would love to have. His relationship with Cassidy doesn’t feel forced at all. I can picture the conversations he has with Cassidy and Elise clearly because they just seem so natural. The whole story made me giggling all along and though there is hardly any life-changing moment, the story flows nicely and is true to life.

In overall, Blue Eyes and other Teenage Hazards is the kind of book that will leave you with smile on your face. I feel so old admitting this but I did find some of Cassidy’s problems match mine back in high school. I enjoyed reading this book and I loved how much I didn’t need to think much when I was reading it. No dramatic tears, no back-stabbing drama, no lack of self-respect. This is the kind of book you’d love reading in relaxing summer holiday, preferably in a hammock.

I wasn’t sure how much Carter had meant to her. She hadn’t seemed too attached to her boyfriend when she’d ogled Chad yesterday. But then, to see your friend kissing your boyfriend—and kissing him out in public where people could snap photos and send them to you—ouch. Low blow.

Hall mark should make sympathy cards for those sorts of occasions.

I rate this book: 
Four cups of tea. Amazing! Love the book, it’s simply awesome. I love the tea flavor!  A strong recommendation.


  1. Great review! Haven't heard of this one, but now I'll definitely be adding it to my TBR :)

    I currently have a giveaway running on my blog if you'd like to check it out HERE

    Confessions of a Readaholic

  2. Oh my gosh, Hilda, where has this book been all my life?? For one thing, you couldn't have been more Mimi-direct if you'd said "MIMI WILL LOVE THIS" because I love light contemporary YA books that put a smile on my face too! For another thing, Cassidy sounds like the sweet and confident contemporary heroine that I've been looking for all my life (in which I will be up there with you to hand out the award, right after I read this LOL!). And for ANOTHER another thing (and probably the most important), blue eyes are my favourite! x)

    Absolutely amazing (albeit a little wallet depleting) review, Hilda! You always introduce me to the sweetest books I've heard nothing about before -- this one has definitely been added to by Goodreads TBR! :') <3

  3. I've never heard of this but by the first line of your review, I knew I was going to have to read this - lovely review, Hilda! And hooray for Cassidy, she sounds like a great character!

  4. I haven't heard about this book, but it's going on my TBR now! With summer only a few weeks away [ok, exactly 8 days away] I've been looking for some light contemporary reads, and this book sounds like a great one to add to the list! I already know I'm going to love the main character, because she's smart and confident about who she is, and I've read few books that have a main character like that, which isn't a good thing at all. Thanks for the super helpful review, Hilda! I'm looking forward to reading this one in the summer now. =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  5. blue eyes can be very dangerous, indeed. LOL. I'm a new gfc follower, btw. Would you please follow back if you can? :)

  6. Aw! I'm a really big fan of cute contemps so this one sounds fantastic. Cassidy seems like a great protagonist. I wish more protagonists were as well-adjusted as she seems. Lovely review, Hilda!

  7. This sounds so lovely, Hilda! I am all over light contemporary reads this year so you can bet this is going on my wishlist! Amazing review. I'm so glad you loved it! :D

  8. Wow! I'd never heard about it, but by the way you described, I think I'm going to buy it as a light summer read :D And a model heroine? Gosh, I want to get to know her soon! You made her seem totally adorable. And yup, with recognizing highschool situations and experiences... We seem so old! LOL

    Lovely review! <3

  9. This sounds like a really cute read. :)
    I love the title. I love reading anything contemporary, so I'm definitely going to check this one out.
    Cassidy sounds like a character that I would LOVE ! :D
    Great review, Hilda :)

  10. Wow! This book sounds wonderful Hilda! There is nothing like a great contempary read with an intelligent heroine! I really want to read this book! Good contemporary stories are my favorite!

  11. The beginning of this sounds a lot like the first Jessica Darling book, what with the best friend moving away, Cassidy having a hard time adjusting and all. Although Josh sounds infinitely better than Marcus Flutie... I was never a fan of dreadlocks, to be honest.
    You ladies will turn me into a contemporary fan after all.
    Fantastic and detailed review, Hilda! <3

  12. OMG just like Maja, the beginning reminded me a bit of the first Jessica Darling book!! This sounds like a really sweet story. You make it sound wonderful, Hilda! Especially since it's a contemporary with a smart and level headed heroine with zero gasp drama!!! Josh sounds so cute as well! Far from the typically swoony guy but swoony all the same. Definitely TBRing this. Thanks so much for putting this on my radar you are awesome <3

  13. I love the title of this book, I know exactly what you mean when you say that you wouldn't mind living inside the story, sometimes it would be awesome lol. Great Review!


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